Tuesday, October 5, 2010

all day long

There are and a million words
that I wish to say
but none will really say what
I think but they will mean
everything I say and think
You are so beautiful to me
from dawn to dusk
from when the sun shines
and moon appears late
at night
Your touch so wonderful
it feels on my skin
you kiss so delicate and full
so tender yet strong
tame yet passionate
Your caress a magical touch
that makes me smile every time
Your presence so soulful and calm
yet intense and tender
Your smile so soft and delicate
yet so meaningful every time
Your gaze so intense at times
yet it conveys so much than just
one word
You are the sun that lights my day
the moon that illuminates my night
and the flame that keeps me warm
all day long

Thursday, September 16, 2010


You are
the candle that lights my life
a beacon of life
in my life
You are beautiful
both inside and out
no matter where or when
how, why, which but

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


All words will never say
all that is within me,
I think of many things
so many words to tell
but none will ever
encompass what you
mean to me
All words are indescribable
all words are useless at times
pain is not so hard to describe
it's either dull, throbbing, sharp
constant, intermitent
but LOVE is just not so easy
some describe it as amazing,
wonderful, great, awesome,
strange feeling, happiness,
bliss, cloud 9, swept of their feet,
special, fantastic, and so on and
so forth but the love for one
person whom one respects is
just to great to describe
to broad and never concrete
as this changes all the time
Everyday with you is different
no matter the hour or the time
of day
It is different every single
moment for however long this
might be
It is a single day, moment, second
of a lifetime spent with you
When I'm away from you
I think about you
You make me smile in my dreams
and in my day you are present
Yes, everything is new and exciting
as exciting as anything I have ever
I cannot find the words to say
that feeling you make me feel
I cannot tell you how in words
or just a few sentences all
that you encompass
I could write an entire book
of descriptions about how you
make me feel and still at the end
on the last chapter I will not be
for there will be more words
that I wish to tell you
but for now
I can only tell you
I love you

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Else

It started with a touch
so intense it blew my
It continued with a soft
very soft
so passionate it made my
It was followed by a gaze
so deep
it made me sigh
Then a word spoken here and there
where sound left a trail
so deep it cut into the dark of the
Two bodies got entangled
and they mingled
into the early hours of the morning
so sweet, swift, and infinite
so swift that every touch lasts
So sweet that no honey
can be sweet enough
So infinite that all the stars
in the universe are left
Because when you and I are
there is only one world
where you and I exist
and nothing else

Friday, August 13, 2010

On Friendship

I have been nothing but
truthful all this time
for you to question our
I feel violated by you
in all senses of the word
for I have never questioned
the time you never
give me nor I demand it
Friendship should be free
given all the time
when we want but never
You demand and are angry
and I live my life without
demands from you
nor anyone else
I have never questioned
our friendship
but today I do
I have never
in all this time felt
neglected even though I was
I never felt left in the dark
even though I was
I never felt selft-rightousness
but I do today
for our friendship has been long
but never I thought you would
demand it
I have been honest all this time
to the core of my being
right through the bone
and you still question our friendship
how dare you!?
I never hear from you
unless I call or write
but you demand?!
How could you?
And that makes all the difference
between you and I
for today our friendship has
and you are the only one to

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are

You are
in the deep recesses
of my life
ingrained in my soul
sealed in my heart
and in my dreams
You are
an exceptional
human being
like one I have
never known
nor I will ever know
You are
to me
and while we talk
I learn more about
You are
and I patiently
await for more

Saturday, August 7, 2010


They light in the sky
and they also ligth
inside of me
deep in my chest
deep in my soul
fireworks I feel
everytime I am with you
When you hold my hand
I feel a tingling sensation
so deep it goes all the way
up to
it runs deep into my veins
and smoothly slips into
When I hear your whisper in
I can only hear one thing
the explosions of fire
the ignited fire
of your
When we kiss
I feel a river running
through my veins
I feel the current
carrying me to places
never known
never explored
never visited
Its flow take me deep
into the jungle
of real and true
like I haver never
Your caress so soft and
take me to heaven
where I fly through the
and beyond
where the stars explode
and the moon shine
where Pluto no longer
but you and I do
These are the best
I have ever seen
and feel
the explosions are
so inmense and infinite
every and each one
is unique
and so complete
there are no lights
left without lighting
a fire inside of my
You are the fireworks
that light my
and the explosion
fills my chest
and makes me

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I impatiently wait
for a date to come
you are far away
and I am far away
we are both far apart
wishing to be together
and start a fire
a fire that has been burning
slowly burning,
like hot coals simmering
slowly burning but not afire
we want each other like
water on a desert and arid land
we desire each other's touch
but wait and wait
and how much longer
do we wait
eight more days
not long but too long
to see your face
to look into your eyes
to kiss you lips
to feel your body
to feel your hands
to have you
eight days is
an eternity
a never ending forever
of wanting, wishing
the simmering of ambers
slowly burning
I want you now
but I patiently wait
for this eternity to end
eight more days
not long but too long
to see your face
to look into your eyes
to kiss you lips
to feel your body
to feel your hands
to have you
I am impatiently waiting

Monday, June 21, 2010


we travelled
from one camp to the next
from one river to another
we swam in each other's
For miles we talked
silently speaking in so many
we delighted each other
with laughter and words
and so much more
We camped in the dark
in the rain and under the sun
we enjoyed every moment
cooking, drinking, laughing,
crying by the smoke of the
our eyes met in unison
and fixed on each other's gaze
we smiled knowing exactly
what every gaze meant
you drove
from one town to the next
and always found a place
to stay
where to set up the tent
if to the North, South, East or West
where the sun would rise
and the moon would shine
of water we saw
and we drank to each and every drop
by the fire, by the water, under the sun
we enjoyed every moment
of one another
every touch, every kiss
every embrace
We laid side by side
without saying a word
comfortably speaking
in silence
we dipped our feet in the cold
water and tried to swim
to no avail
but we swam in each other's
where the waters are infinite
and the desires run
mile after mile
without ever ending its flow
Our rivers did not dry
nor our adventurous spirits
gave up
We were bitten time after time
by a mosquitos, black flies and who
knows what else
of rivers and lakes we saw
and high snowy peaks
you drove and drove
from miles and miles
with such a great smile on your
WE swam in each other's
where the waters are infinite
and the desires run
mile after mile
without ever ending its flow

Monday, June 7, 2010

My Touch

You have the touch
to my heart
to my soul
to all my being
from head to toe
That touch
that speaks millions
that say infinitesimal words
without ever speaking
a single word
It is so delicate and soft
so human, so warmth to the skin
loving full of life
never dull but always full
it is not just a touch
You touch my heart
with your words
your small caresses
your kisses fill me
to the core
they touch me so deeply
I can hardly breath
but that keep me alive
You are a sun ray
that penetrates all barriers
of my mind, my soul,
my body, my heart
it is soothing to the skin
and refreshing to the soul
you are my touch
Every ounce of your touch
fills me complete
and it makes me soar
high above the clouds
and beyond the universe
and further still
Your touch is all I need
to know that I am safe
care for, loved and so much
And I appreciate every single
one of them
mon coeur
You are my touch!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Every moment
spreads like honey
slowly covering
the surface of my being
dripping ever so smoothly
over my body
Every moment
is ever so sweet
so delicate, so pure
it's organic honey
imported at that
and extremely flavourful too
Every moment
a drop falls
it becomes an eternal
fall from head to toe
it is infinite
Every moment
is so tender, so unique
eternal honey falls on me
it covers my brain
with its sweetness
and touches all my
Every moment
is sweet with my honey
it has an accent
so luring to the senses
so enticing to the tastes
and I want more
every single day
Every moment
I can,
I grab it, take it
with furious desire
spreading it all over me
smoothly sweetening
my mind, my soul,
my heart,
my body
Oh honey,
I want you
every moment
of the day
please do not make me

Sunday, May 16, 2010


In the elevator
there is a man
whom I've known for long
six years I think
we make small talk
here and there either
up or down
he proposes that I should
go out with him ... I say no
In the elevator
there is a young man
maybe 30 or so, he speaks
he is from the 12th floor
we have talked since he moved
in, nice guy and all
he proposes that I should go out
with him
but I have been saying no for
six years, but he persists
got to give him credit, but it's
a no
On the street I walk
to meet a handsome French guy
as I walk a guy yells at me
"you are just the girl that I've been
looking for"
I turned not sure if he was talking
to me but he is
and in a crumpled piece of paper
gives me his number, please call
but I tossed the paper in the recycling
bin to not be use ever again
Another day in a
the corner I wait for the light
to turn green so I can cross
a man stands besides me
"you are the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen" out of the blue
he says
he proposes that I should also
take his number and call but I don't
Then an E-mail from a friend
"I've been in love with you
for six year maybe more"
How do you respond or not?
I choose not to because as of today
all proposal(s) have change

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We laid under the sun
for God knows how long
the wind blew our hair
touched our faces
and caressed our bodies
with the warmth of the
The sand under our feet
felt good
as usual there was no
care in the world
just you, the ocean and I
We were drenched by the
The clouds suddenly
came in from nowhere
to be seen
they came storming
with the wind and
darkness covered the blue
sunny sky
We packed up and left
silly me wearing only
my sandals and shorts
and we started to walk
when we turned the corner
we saw
the sky had started to
fall down on us
drip by drip
tear by tear
drop by drop
tick, tick, tick
on the pavement, on the tree
branches above
it came with fury
then it just dropped
like buckets of water
raining from the sky
we kept on walking
as if nothing
while everyone else
had disappear and taken covered
under the trees or a roof's eave
we kept on walking
our teeth chattered
and our bodies trembled
We were drenched
from head to toe
it was so much fun
and we still
laughed and walked
just as casually
as if were not
by the falling

Friday, April 30, 2010


I cleaned my closet
yesterday afternoon
I only wanted to
but found a lonely
hidden in the corner,
a box
full of books and pictures
God only knows from
I found old love letters
written to me,
read them again
look at pictures and found
some of lovers
looked at them too
read letters
and saw pictures
then I saw the
recycling bin
so I torn them all
and said
and with that
the place was
pristine clean
and no need
to dust

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What about US?!

When someone
takes their life
they are not clearly
thinking about
you, I, the world
nor even themselves
We have no idea what
or who is driving
their thoughts
They might have been
perfectly normal to us
but we will never know
And despite what we
know, knew or thought we
we always ask
What about us?!
Why are you leaving us
in pain
suffering your absence
missing you?
It is not up to us
to ask questions
and there is nobody
to give us
only that one who left
knows why she left
and it was perhaps
all those voices in
her head
that she could not
stand anymore
She just wanted to put
an end
to her pain
which we would never
so don't ask
What about us?!
Because it was never
about you
to begin


I want to have you
in my
so there
I said it
That is what a woman
said to a
who she thought
She was pure
she was virginal
until she met
this man
who showed her
that there was
no more
innocence in this
except that of a young

On Death

comes sudden
or we choose it?
Those who choose
it who knows
what is in their minds
or why they want to
end life, so soon
those who await it
that it is not there time
but have been tag
by something beyond
their control
Those who think about it
are aware of it but leave it
in the back
burner, slowly burning
not really putting more
logs in the fire to ignite it
even more
Death is sudden
nobody knows when it will
knocking on our door
or swiftly takes us
to an unknown world
far beyond what we
know, if we know
if even there is
something beyond
the stars and the
far from the infinite
of the sea
and its depths
On death
I do not dwell
for life is so precious
not to live it
So lets live today
and not worry about
On Death
I do not dwell

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She was no more

She always wish for more
to be better than before
to be someone else at times
but why?
she wished she was a better human
but it was only who
She lived her life
in disarray
and all the voices
in her
and she always
so I am good
free from myself
no ego to fight anymore
or superego to avail
nor an id to combat
because I am free
Take me or leave me
but never in between
Love me or hate me
pick a side
but never walk
on the borderline
Take me or leave me
where her last words
just before she
off the bridge
to the abyss below
where she was

Sun Worshipers

Blessed are those
of us
who lay on the sand
taking it all in
every little bit
every morsel
of vitamin
just to make us
a little happier
give us
bit of
We are sun worshipers
and nothing else
lets just
enjoy it
while we can
and have nothing
to worry
How Divine!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Laundry Day

So how was it?
a woman asked another
it was incredible she responded
we kissed
we undressed
he whispered
he made so much noise
when we were in bed
and so the story went
on and on
every single detailed
hanged on the line
no secrets left, behind
no mystery to wonder, about
I could picture in my head
this man's manhood
laid bared on the table
behind his back
and if we met, I would know
everything there is to know
except his name,
he was hanged like clothes
on a line
left to dry till crisped
on a hot summer day
under the rain
And the woman went on
no secrets left, behind
no mystery to wonder, about
She kissed and told
It was a rainy afternoon,
once again
we all knew, heard, and overheard
while sitting sipping coffee
at the corner coffee shop
everything there was to be known
A man was hanged dried
on a line
made fun of and joked about
it must have been
Laundry Day,
and I was so happy to know
that I am not
like her

Sunday, April 25, 2010


There have been no
all has been put on the
since the beginning
all our trash is out
one way or another,
with no inhibitions left,
honesty has poured
out of us
through our words, gazes,
our intentional touches
when we walked side by
so not to leave any
that there was interest
in both
We spoke to each other
in our comfortable
We have been naked
all this time
stripped to the bone
even when our clothes was
our senses so close to
the surface
every touch imagined
brought us closer and
no pretenses
no fancy words to disguise
our intentions
all so natural as it should
and without realizing it
we have been naked
all this time

Friday, April 23, 2010

What would it be?

There are two choices
liquids or fumes
which one would you choose?
the liquid options are infinite
it is hard to choose
rum, beer, water, wine
if you choose wine would it be?
red or white?
local or international?
same with beer, so many
wonderful tastes, lager, pale ale,
honey, the choices are really
mind boggling.
BUT if you choose
the fumes
there is only one choice
tiny dry leaves, cut,
shredded, rolled
in thin paper like sheets
and there you have it,
no brands to choose from
no names, local or not?
it is pretty easy
but the combination of both
is volatile
a combination of two worlds
all too different to differentiate
you are inebriated or stoned to
The only difference is
one is legal
and the other
the choice is your
no questions asked

So what would it be?

At the beach

We walked to the beach
through rocks, sand and
we walk for miles it seems
captivated by the sound,
the sound of the ocean
hitting the shore
with its effervescent fizz
swish, swash, swoosh
the wind was strong
and it was at times very cold
but, we walked through
under the hot sun,
and we walked some more
we ate, we laughed, we drank
water nonetheless
till we reached,
the beach where we stayed
and where we laid
to soak life into our soul,
body, and mind
It was a delicious treat
laying on the beach
and the sweet smell of the ocean
penetrating our clothes
with grains of sand and wind
we laid there
comfortably silent
and no care in the world
what a glorious day
to be under the magic
and captivating sun
so delightful, delicious,
so so infinite
and then we parted ways
went to sleep and dreamt
at the beach
of another rendezvous
under the sun

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In my head

your eyes
your lips
you body
everything about you
is soft and delicate
I know without knowing
your hands, your intense
but soft gaze,
your pouty lips when you
a word here and there
your accent is so soft,
so luring,
exciting, enticing
Your smile so delicate
so emotional, so intense,
it is luring me
slowly to the centre
of that universe
where I wish to be
but, who knows
if there is a planet
to get to
in that imagine
universe in my


one, two, three
four, a thousand
a million,
a billion
thousands of billions
infinite numbers
falling from the sky,
not stars or meteorites
nor flying pigs
it is the essence of life
falling from the sky

At the Library

I hear nothing but
in the halls
in the small tables
scattered methodically around
there are towers
fill with letters, books, toms
from here and there
and everywhere
there is silence
blank stares
eyes fixed on a screen
or ear plugs in the ears
There is silence
nobody speaks, except a few
we walk up or down
left, right, looking up and down
we ask information in whispery tones
as to not disturb those around us
there are smiles and frowns
everyone is busy
looking intently in front of them
eyes fixes on a screen
or a book
there is silence
nobody speaks, except a few
we speak in whispery tones
and that's when you know
to hush hush at the

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I think of you
your ebony skin, your big ivory smile
you brighten my days when we were young
made me cried with you crocodile
tears rollings down your beautiful cheekbones
I will never forget you
YOU remain in my mind since I was eleven
I remember your raspy voice, big brown eyes
and slender figure
you wanted to be a MODEL
I will never forget your
picture on the paper
it brought a smile to my
just to wipe it away with sorrow
tears, pain, fear, shock
you were dead found on some hole
dumped like a piece of trash
along with your family
This was the price you
had to pay for others mistakes
you left us in despair
but I will never forget
your raspy voice, your beautiful honey
brown eyes, your great ivory smile
your hugs
The memory of you, remains in my head
imprinted in my soul, forever in my life
I always think of you
even when you have been for so loooong

so bright, so alive
at sixteen taken away, too soon
I cannot forget you
nor the impact you
made in my life
were buried alone
nobody to put roses on your
nobody to sing Amazing Grace
nobody to pray for you
in that unfortunate day
when someone took
your life away
in the middle of the night
without scrupulous, without sense
you left us so young
at sixteen
your life was
laid ahead
cut at the knees
at the head
a senseless betrayal
of unpaid debts
drug dealings
stolen goods
IT was a lesson
a silent message
those who stole
from North to South
East and West
a bloody lesson
I miss you still
and you remain in my
mind after all this time
you still there
living deep in the
recesses of my life
in the crannies of my
a tribute to your life
because, you were never
given a chance
to live fully and make your
you LIVE in

Friday, March 19, 2010

In and Out

Sleep, run, sleep more
run even more
away from the realities
of life
I am tired, exhausted,
from the dealings
of reality
There are creases, lines,
wrinkles in my
forehead they carry
the pain
of my existence
I live in and out
of this world
out and in on this world
of living
I get pull from pole to pole
as if the universe has stop
and gravity is no
at my feet
In an out I live
as if in eternal sleep
I walk on this world
as if in eternal
Even when my eyes
are open
they are close
as if in a deep
Meanwhile the world
keeps on turning
orbiting in space
never stopping
always rotating
in the heels
of the universe
I live in and out
of this world
out and in on this world
of living
In and out
out and in
I live
BUT never sure
in this world

Sunday, March 14, 2010

NO more

I feel tossed away
you made me feel
tossed away
like an empty ink cartridge
use and discarded
toss aside while you keep working
on the other lovers in your
yes, I feel used
only needed when you
have no one
to kiss or used
it is always lies
"I never kissed you like that
"I really love you"
but nothing means anything
there is just emptiness
you only used the ink
while writing the chapters of your
while you grieve, your loss
and more
while there is time to have
why not? you tell yourself
But, I've always been there
on the edge of the page
where the margins are narrow
and the lines seem deeper
it is hypocrisy that of which
you speak
Yes, we "are" friends
but only when convenience allows
only where there is hurt in
your life
but not mine
because your hurt somehow is
as I if have never felt your "hurt"
We are friends
but only when you need
when life is hard
and there is nobody else but
I remain in the sidelines
hidden in the deep recesses of your
I feel tossed away
you made me feel
tossed away
like an empty ink cartridge
use and discarded
toss aside while you keep working
on the other lovers in your
they are better, without colour
socially higher and more special
we have cried
we have felt
each other
I have always been there
in the recesses of your life
hidden in the creases of your
but no more
you either take me or leave
but not both
I want to be visible
in your
I have always been there
in the recesses of your life
hidden in the creases of your
but no more

Saturday, March 13, 2010

a NEW life

I heard today
for the first time
the heart beat of a NEW life
a thousand millions beats
per second, I think
it is so fast
thump, thump, thump
the little heart beats
a NEW life has began
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
sixteen weeks
who knows, who cares
all I know is
A NEW life has began
deep within me
I can feel it
it makes me sick
it makes me tired
it makes me whole
it makes me sleepy
and it makes me happy
a NEW life has began
surrounded this NEW life will be
of love, gifts, hugs and kisses
all encompass in a life
so new so strange so innocent
yet still incomplete, but alive
a million infinitesimal cells
are running wild
wild running
up and down
I cry without reason
I laugh of joy
I live fully
for this

checking OUT

I am so tired
tired, tired, tired
exhausted and tired
tired and exhausted
I don't know anymore
so t i r ed of l i v i n g
some people say,
I am scared of life
I am running away
I am checking OUT
I cry and I laugh
and unconsciously live
I walk today, tomorrow I sleep
I am tired, so tired
tired and exhausted
ready to go to another world
love is futile except a mother's love
life is easy yet we make it hard
harder than it is suppose to be
I am so t i r e of of l i f e
I am checking OUT
I take pills from this and that
blue, red, yellow, white
any colour would do now
it doesn't matter
what matters is the end
just so close and yet so far
now I just wait
I am checking OUT
The vodka helps
to numb the pain
it goes down easy
I feel nothing but a burning
down my throat
it feels good
I am so tired
tired, tired, tired
exhausted and tired
tired and exhausted
I don't know anymore
so t i r ed of l i v i n g
some people say
I am scared of life
I am running away
checking OUT

Monday, March 8, 2010

In The Pew

I sat in the pew all alone
surrounded by myself
nobody to hold my hand
in prayer, or a shoulder where
to lean my head on
no warmth risen from one side
or the other
only emptiness in the pew
the peace hug was uneventful
no tears or love I felt
because you were not there
as I was all by myself
the prayers were as usual
but you were missing
in the pew
Your presence is so grand
it is missed every single day
from sunrise to sunset
I sat alone in the pew
When I held hands with the others
there was no love, but tears
in my eyes
I felt your absence even more
I walked the streets, we strolled together
nobody to run for the bus with
only emptiness
and I sat at church listening
to the prayers
I sat in the pew all alone
surrounded by myself
nobody to hold my hand
in prayer, or a shoulder where
to lean my head on
I was alone in the pew

Friday, March 5, 2010


You're gone but remained
the scent of your perfume
your kisses,hugs and more
all enclosed in my memory
and engraved in my heart
The dishes still dirty in the sink
there's not clattering of glasses
nor clinking of forks, spoons and knifes
in the kitchen
The mosh doesn't even taste the same
its consistency is even worse
the smells in the kitchen are not the same
either, but you remain
There's an empty spot in my bed now
where you used to be
where every night you read or I
or we both share a reading
the spot where I laid beside you
and we hug and kissed before
turning in
There are missing shoes in the hallway
of my apartment
where yours used to be
the towel strung on the curtain railing
still there waiting for you
when you return, any time now
The scents of you remain
but there's nobody to laugh
or prepared dinner with
nobody to hug before I go to bed
but you still remain
engraved in my memory and in my being
I miss you so much
and love you even more,
but I know you are there
loving me with all your heart
and all the love in your soul
Thank you mom
for all that you have been and are
I love you
I am patiently waiting

Monday, February 8, 2010

live it

Don't be a follower
and don't be a fool
thinking you've accepted things
when you really haven't.
Yes, life goes on and so do we
without those that we have
loved the most,
even those who we only
embraced for a few hours.
Life is full of lessons
good and bad, others teach us
we teach them, we both learn
perhaps but not for sure,
in the midst of our pain
we try to find happiness, anywhere
from anyone we come close to,
even if it means giving up,
our dream.
The dream that you had already realized
but, that was taken away from you,
in seconds,
the love given to you, without conditions
the dream house with the big backyard
the car, the home, the warmth, the love
the happiness that always eluded you,
but that you finally found.
It was not a dream, but a reality
that disappeared in the air
which is now buried underground
to never come back.
Love has been given to you
one time after another
but you don't really care
you brushed it of again and again
You aren't sure of what you want
not even if you really want anything
Follow your heart but don't be a follower
be the leader of your life
a bright future awaits
even when it looks bleak,
you are living and life is here
so live it as if you were