Friday, March 5, 2010


You're gone but remained
the scent of your perfume
your kisses,hugs and more
all enclosed in my memory
and engraved in my heart
The dishes still dirty in the sink
there's not clattering of glasses
nor clinking of forks, spoons and knifes
in the kitchen
The mosh doesn't even taste the same
its consistency is even worse
the smells in the kitchen are not the same
either, but you remain
There's an empty spot in my bed now
where you used to be
where every night you read or I
or we both share a reading
the spot where I laid beside you
and we hug and kissed before
turning in
There are missing shoes in the hallway
of my apartment
where yours used to be
the towel strung on the curtain railing
still there waiting for you
when you return, any time now
The scents of you remain
but there's nobody to laugh
or prepared dinner with
nobody to hug before I go to bed
but you still remain
engraved in my memory and in my being
I miss you so much
and love you even more,
but I know you are there
loving me with all your heart
and all the love in your soul
Thank you mom
for all that you have been and are
I love you
I am patiently waiting

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