Monday, December 25, 2017

Where are you brother?

Where are you brother?
Where is that man that I used to know
but that now it seems I don't know
where is that man, so gently and courteous
that could do anything for anyone but himself?

Where have you gone?
it seems i cannot find you anymore
I look deep inside the recess of my mind
to find little answers but none concrete
where have you gone?

I remember a childhood boy that I grew up with
so loving, caring and always on the go
that boy that protected me when I was scare
and calmed me down when I was crying
because a drunk man was banging down the door
Where are you brother?

You grew up and became a man way too fast
with the responsibilities that a child
should never have nor the loneliness that
this brought to your heart.

I looked into your heart and you still there
deep into the veins and running wild
still you but not you anymore
something's change and you are no more
Where are you brother?

Where are you brother?
I don't recognize you anymore
even with a child of your own
you are not the person I once knew
where have you gone?

Where are you brother?
please come back to us
bring the spirit of that boy closer
to your heart
be the man that you used to be
because, I recognized you no more

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In the Rain

In the rain she walked
umbrella by her side
and rain pouring down her face
through the holes in her hat.

She walked around in circles
at times she would stand still
and then move again in the direction she came from
with no real direction.

In the rain she walked
umbrella by her side
and rain pouring down her body
through her ragged clothes.

She walked to the entrance of the mall
and opened the door without going in,
but others went in without even saying
thank you,
but she smiled and let the door go
and left.

In the rain she walked
umbrella by her side
and rain pouring down her face
from her beautiful blue eyes
surrounded by her blondish
dirty hair.

She sat on a wet bench talking to herself
pointing here and there, people passing by
ignoring her pleas, laughing at her
she ignored them completely and laughed at times
just talking to herself.

She mumbled a word here and a word there
not really making sense to those who wanted to help
she wave to someone in the distance
an imaginary figure that she saw
blowing kisses in the air
to that someone she might have known,
and that we would never know.

In the rain she walked
wobbling from one side to the other
umbrella open
and rain kept pouring on her
through the empty umbrella spikes
that she had carried by her side.

In the rain she walked
disappearing in the distance
to never be seen again
as it a ghost had just passed us
sending a chill through our bones
thanking our lucky stars
that we were not her.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

If I Wasn't Afraid

If I wasn't afraid
The world would be my oyster
I would do whatever I wanted
whenever I wanted

The fear keeps me off
whatever it is in my mind
my inner spirit
and the hunger in my soul

If I wasn't afraid
the world would be my oyster
I would do whatever I wanted
whenever I wanted

If I wasn't afraid
I would write a book about my adventures
life, other people and my travels
around the world and more

If I wasn't afraid
I will tell the world to stop for day
and imagine life without war, hunger, and
over-powerful people

If I wasn't afraid
the world would be my oyster
I would do whatever I wanted
whenever I wanted

I I wasn't afraid
I would leap from the cliff
into the ocean
and fly to the skies
in my armour suit
and conquer the world

It is fear that keep us
off track
and only the brave
venture into the unknown
with eyes wide open
ears alert
heart pumping to the max
but no without being afraid
for if they were not afraid
they would not know
the limits of their own self
and their power

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trials and Tribulations

Three years have passed
since they first met
fell in love and got married
to live happily ever after.
But nobody could have predicted
the unfortunate future 
the lives will become,
both successful and beautiful
and in love it seemed,
but it was all,
a farce.

They were so well rehearsed
all the steps in place
roles learned to a tee
so there was no doubt that, 
it was just an act.

They intertwined together
like no others
their future hung on a thin thread
so thin, it was hard to see
others got involved to solve the problem
except the man, at the center of the fight.

With her trial and tribulations she went into the wild
to confront her fears in the jungle
but there were no answers or solutions
to her dilemma.
The branches of the trees
were too twisted within; it was hard to find
the beginning or the end,
let alone the path that led her there.

She found a trail that led to nowhere,
this was the end and the entrance to the sea.

The water ever so calming with its soft splashing on the shore
she sat by the water to think
and then her feet walked in, she was sure.
She swam steadily with her beautiful wedding gown,
she looked like a swan, gliding through the water
her arms moving like an angel's wings took her deeper
and away from the shore,
her eyes fixed on the blue sky with the sun shining
hitting her face and brightening the tears rolling
down the side of her eyes.
She continued to swim, the waves getting stronger
her arms softly moving
the waves hitting higher and her head just above the water.

She followed the sun somehow
and there was a smile on her face 
peace in her heart she will win and put an end to this nonsense.
The sky was no longer blue but grey and dark
she was still smiling
she lifted her head, the shore now far away
there were people now standing there waving their arms,
perhaps calling her to come back
someone was in the water, perhaps trying to reach her
but she kept on, angelically gliding through with 
total resolute.

A higher wave came that took her under, she struggled a little
but kept on going, her heavy dress taking its toll now
pulling her under ever so fast
she was scare, eyes wide open, and smoothly gliding 
she could hear her heavy breathing and felt her lips shivering
She lifted her head again only to see the horizon
she smiled with the satisfaction of her success.
She will win.

The sky so dark and ominous now, panic entered in her scene
but she continued, her body now totally under, arms still moving
softly with no strength, the end was near
she was tired, not just from fighting with the ocean but of life
and the farce it was   
all coming to an end washing her under
like an eddy pulling, and a voice calling.
Down she went, trying not to fight in the dark waters of the ocean.
All her fears, panic, sadness, and destruction gone below the sea
it was all over.