Monday, September 29, 2008


I feel your warmth around me
You touch me so softly, so delicately
You caress my skin with your soft hands
You fill me with happiness and nothing else

You caress me in the morning
You walk with me along the water
You are always with me even when you are not
You are forever with me even if I cannot see you

You make love to me in the clear day
Love me so deeply I wish you would never go
You always leave me wanting more
I desire you with all my being, even when I can't have you

I feel your warmth around me
You touch me so softly, so delicately
You cares my skin with your soft hands
You fill me with happiness and nothing else

I wish you were only mine
But I will take whatever I can get
Every little morsel of you is a blessing
You satiate my thirst like no other

You make love to me in the afternoons
along the shores of the ocean
You are my blanket, you are a blessing
You make me smile just before I fall asleep

I feel your warmth around me
You touch me so softly, so delicately
You caress my skin with your soft hands
You fill me with happiness and nothing else

Your love is eternal, even in the dark of night
You are glorious and I envy those who have you more
Though I wish you were mine only, for eternity
I desire you with all my being, with all my life

I wish to feel your soft hands on me every single day
I want you every minute, every second, every hour of the day
But alas I cannot have you all to myself
So I most share you with others too.

Your rays caress me in my dreams
When I dream of sitting by the water in a far land
You make me smile when you touch my face
You caress me delicately when you come out

I love your warmth in my skin
You colour me softly and slowly
You know I love you so deeply, but so does the rest of the world
I wish I were the only one to have you, but I most share you.

Caress me with your rays everyday
Fill me with the happiness I love
Let me go to sleep tenderly under your blanket
And forever dream of you sitting along the waters
While I sip my drink and you say good-bye
But always make love to me in the afternoon before I fall asleep
And you tenderly leave me to dream for another night.

Divine is the Sun

Not Enough

You called me wonderful
you said I was fantastic
you claimed I am beautiful
you called me marvellous
in the end I am wonderful, beautiful, fantastic and marvellous, but not enough.
It was a fleeting moment in life
A true connexion to another being
it was to begin with
but it grew for a brief moment to something wonderful
We laughed in unison
We walked in pace
We talked infinitely about life
We saw into each other's eyes something magical
It was a meeting of the minds
a spiritual reunion, almost divine
it was a closeness that grew little by little
A grouping of many things that fell apart
You called me wonderful
you said I was fantastic
you claimed I am beautiful
you called me marvellous
in the end I am wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, and marvellous, but not enough.

We shared our intimate secrets
We joke about your life and mine
We share comfortable silent moments
While together we forgot about the world
You shared your dreams with me
I share my dreams with you
You laughed at me and I made fun of you
We laughed together infinitely, all it seems for nothing
You called me wonderful
you said I was fantastic
you claimed I am beautiful
you called me marvellous
in the end I am wonderful, beautiful, fantastic, and marvellous, but not enough
All for everything and all or nothing
You held me in your arms like there was not tomorrow
You kissed me passionately
You did not want to let me go but you did anyway
I am sure of what I want but not certain, really
You are certain and very sure of what you want
But you fear the uncertain future, there is no middle ground
Even though I would compromise
you rather let me go than together find out.
I was wonderful once
I was fantastic many times
I was beautiful forever
I created marvellous things for us
but in the end wonderful, fantastic, beautiful, or marvellous would have never been enough


Live with passion
Live every single second of your life in full throttle.
Let yourself go and enjoy the ride, whatever it may be.
You are the only one that can make your dreams and desires a reality.
However, you really want to want it with all your being.
It is the only way for brief that it may be.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I fear you leaving and i am not sure why.
I fear that I will never see you again, after all is a big possibility.
I fear that you will forget about me and with reason.
I fear that I will never feel again your arms around me and that you will find someone else.
It is deep fear of the unkown, of the uncertainty that hangs in the balance
that could tip either way or stay even.
I fear that I will never feel your lips against mine,
not that I have felt them.
I fear not to experience your wonderful and soft hands on my body,
although we've never been together like that.
I feel the fear you feel, so deep that at times it makes me cry.

Oh! I am so silly for fearing all these things
when we have only met once, but I know you when I don't

Little Secret

You make me smile, even when you're not around,
not that we have been around much.
I like to think about the way you look at me
when I talked to other people. I can see that you look
at my lips, my eyes, my smile, my entire face if you like
and you smile, because you know that I know.

You make me smile because I think about you,
your lips, your eyes, your smile, your entire face,
even your hair and it makes me smile because
I know that you know.

It is our little secret.... you know?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Beautiful Illusion - Dedicated to a Stranger

It was all an illusion, of course
How could she think it could be something else,
She still as her friends have pointed out, naive,
So naive she still believes in people.

Her mind wondered for many moments
moments of excitement and anticipation
her heart beats one hundred and ninety beats per minute
it is beating just as hard if not harder than when she runs.

It was all an sweet illusion
it was an instant moment of great happiness
it was an unbelievable happening after one year and a half
he was an illusion in body, mind but his soul betrayed him.

What was she thinking that this could happened to her
it was too good to be true but even then she dismissed the thought
it brought a smile to her face even when she knew
but naively she let her mind and her heart wander freely.

He is sweet, tall, romantic, and has a great smile
he has sleepy eyes, beautiful shiny brown eyes that smile
when he laughs his eyes laugh too
there is no worry in his being, only the thought of his family across miles of land.

It was all a sweet illusion
it was an instant moment of great happiness
their first glance, their first smile, the way he flirted
she believe him, she believed and trusted him instantly...just like her.

It was a beautiful illusion, obviously not for her
it all had been in her mind or had it been?
her heart leaped when he first hugged her, so naturally and warmth
she felt so comfortable in his arms, so welcome by him.

She opened her heart as always, wide open!
the air flew thru each space in that open door
she felt a skip in her gate, in her heart, in her soul
she did not sleep after their first meeting, it was too great to believe.

He held her hands so softly and delicately before he departed, his hands so soft
he kissed her on the cheek so softly and warm
she smelled him and she wanted to capture his scent forever
she wanted to hold his body against her infinitely.

He was a beautiful illusion
how silly and naively of her to believe this was true
how could she at her age?! She feels now stupid and conned
he was an illusion in body and mind, but his soul betrayed him.

His soul betrayed her and stabbed her deeply
she believed him instantly, her own fatal trust herself so openly
she opened the gates of her mind to this possibility
the thoughts came flooding thru, just to drown her.

She still give him the benefit of the doubt
because soon he would go away to be with his family
perhaps he does not want his feelings to get attached, perhaps she is wrong,
however, it might be a little late for her to erase his image engrave in her heart.

It was a great and beautiful illusion of one night.
It was indeed to good to be truth.

Sept 5, 2008


I cannot help but think of you
and think of that side of your mind, which seems to
extend into every part of your body.
I cannot help but think about the soft touch of your lips,
the pressure of your chest against my skin,
your hands teasing and holding, then becoming more intense
a little edge from your teeth, and the sound
of soft music in the background
interrupted by light moans, and then deeper shivers.
I love to think of how we might
linger and linger, exploring things, hot and wet
hard and soft, hands and tongues,
I can almost smell and taste you
not just the scents you wear, but you.
I would love to empty your mind of everything
but the sensations of us,
nothing but what I am doing to you
what you are doing to me
and what we are doing together,
a kind of free verse, with rhythms, light and strong,
with its own vocabulary of movement and pleasure.
I can almost taste you
imagine the intoxication of you, and I love the idea
that you might lay beside me and imagine how it would feel
how your hands might hold my head
how touch and taste would come together,
softly, delicately, but increasingly intense,
with just enough pressure and accent
learning as we trace in and along the right places
lingering, indulging in each other,
building, building, slowing
then building again, building slowing, lingering, building
pushing to the edge....
lingering there, making you wonder, but then taking all of you
over the edge,
to deep shivers, and maybe release, then back again,
building and lingering and building again, to deeper shivers
and to a more profound release,
then back until we fuse into each other and in one
hands to necks and chests...
then just sharing our breath
the taste of us,
a warm peace, and then hands and lips again,
it is easy to imagine.

To Think

I love to think that once in a while you think of me,and wonder what could have been....
but we know all too well what could have, but there's always the possibilities of that..
no matter how slim they seem, they still there. I think of the many things that can happen and how much one could enjoy the pleasure of one's mind and of course of one's body, but what's a body without a mind, a pleasurable mind that can linger and linger thru the night, wishing and hoping for that touch, the incredible touch of soft hands, of hot and wet lips.... soothing soft skin embodying another's body, making it shiver thru the night, and some thru the day.... under the sun, thru the wind, and who knows what else. The soft touch of gently hands and the wonderful caress of breasts on a manly chest....that touch, the one you will always wonder about, and that one, that I would love to think that once in a while you think of me and wonder what could have been.

Mind Capturing

It is the beauty of your mind
that has captured me,
its intrinsic ways I find,
very attractive yet enticing.
It is the sensitivity of your words
coming from your heart, but your head as well
that makes me wonder even more.
You have a beautiful way of being yourself
when I talk to you
I discover many things about me,
and you revealed many of you too,
when you tell me of your love.
It is a fascinating feeling
what I feel when we endlessly talk
there seems to be some instant connection
that not even my mind can comprehend.
I like the thought of you imagining my soft neck,
it makes me wonder what could it be like,
to feel your hands, your mouth, your lips, your breath,
touching, caressing even nibbling and making me shiver.
You have a beautiful mind
full of intrinsic and sensitive thoughts,
that brings you to reveal many things of you,
to a complete stranger that could be yours

My Mind Wanders and I Wonder

My mind wanders and I wonder
yes, I wonder about an afternoon delight
it seems so promising, so enticing, so delightfully untrue,
but yes it is a true, that I can't even believe.
I found you thru some page on the web
yes, I was wondering if I could find someone that will match
to me and to my other entities,
those entities that have lacked care and affinity.
So, now my mind wanders and I wonder
thru the afternoon, thru the night, thru the morning light!
I can wait to see you and say hello
and taste your lips with such infinity.
I sit here and my mind wanders and I wonder too,
such an elusive truth, to be with you
I can almost feel the touch of your wonderful lips
on my soft and silky baby skin.
I look into space and my mind wanders again,
again you are real,
so real that I can almost without touching you, I feel,
now I wonder too, how can this be such an elusive truth?

Nov. 13, 2002


Under the spring moonlight,
I write about life,
it is so wonderful, enticing, so alive
every morning, every afternoon, every night.
Every second that passes by
my life grows with me, or do I grow with it?
so many questions, so many answers
not looking for the right one
only for the reasonable one, if there is.
A war upon us
has invaded my heart, and my soul
so many others have been invaded too,
not only in heart and mind, but very deep inside.
I wish I could change the world
and if I could everything would be peaceful
full of love, but mostly truth
oh what a dream, what a lively imagination.
Under the spring moonlight,
I dream and write about life,
and under the stars I see your eyes,
and your feet leaving a print in the sand
as the sun dies at night,
I can see two foot prints
one going after the other one,
yes, you running after me,
running in the sun, playing an infantile game.
A dream catcher I see in the sky
form by the white cotton clouds,
it catches our dreams, our laughs, and all there is
and while we laugh, the ocean runs thru our feet,
ereasing our foot prints along the way,
as we have never existed.
The sun dies in the horizon
but our souls keep on living
thru our laughter,our dreams
our infantile minds, giggle thru the night
and as the full moon sets in the black velvet sky
the night runs away in a blissfull kiss goodnight.


She was an angel
She was my love
She gave me life
She gave me hope.
In moments of torment, she always smiled
And my worries faded in the background
And I felt peace, when she was with me
And I feel peace even when she is gone.
She was an angel
She was my love
She gave me life
She gave me hope.
In moments of despair she gave me hope
And everything she touched seemed so right,
Even when my worries went unfounded
She gave me her hand, and her shoulder to cry on.
I missed her deeply, but in my heart I keep her
For as long as I shall live she will be with me
In the dark, in the light, even in the morning light
When the sun goes down, she will be with me
In the sunset she will walk by my side
In dawn, she will caress my face
And make me feel again, like a little girl, her little girl.
She was an angel
She was my love
She gave me life
She gave me hope.
Even when I know she’s far away, I still feel her
Her ever presence continues and will never leave
One day suddenly she left
She left me without saying goodbye
But I know in my heart that she knows how much I loved her,
And she knows how much I always cared.
To you mom I say, thank you and thank you again
You left, but you still here, how contradicting
Oh! Yes, I know, my mind playing games
But I know you’re gone, but have never left me
And for that I will always care
But mostly for all that and more, I will always love you
With all the depths of my love, and all the warm of my heart,
But even then when I don’t see you, I see you through my eyes,
Just the way you saw me too
with deep love and gratitude.
Mom you were my angel
You were my love
You still give me life
And I continue to have hope.


When was the last time you lived
And road the wave of life…
When you felt the beating of your heart
On the palm of your hand…
When you felt that spark
Of excitement running thru you
From head to toe and back…
When the shiver of happiness
Shook you well
And you feel truly and amazingly alive…
When the stroke of the sun
Shook its tremor thru your veins
And made your blood boiled with ecstasy…
When the wind caressed your hair
And blew away all your fears,
And took with its force all your sadness…
When the sound of the ocean’s waves filled your ears
With sweet harmonic sounds and took you back
To that time when it was when…
When the brightness of the sun made you blind
With laughter and colour your skin with its sweet and
Soft warmth…
When did you last see your image in the mirror
And captured your smile and your beauty…
When was the last time you heard ‘I love you,’
sweetly and softly and whispered in your ear…
When was the last time that you made love with all your passion
And nobody mattered but you and him and the world did not exist.


Under the Stars

How sweet can love be
and the passion that we put into it,
but are we really what we say
even though we could lie.....
Yes, lie it is
we kid ourselves once in a while
but when we find the truth
it hurts more than the truth itself,
because when love comes by
you just kick it and say goodbye.
It's not enough to have the touch on the skin
but to have that touch in the heart
deep, further down when it melts
every time we make love.
When two bodies fuse into one
and make infinite miracles together
over and over again, and again,
the passion grows and grows as time goes by.
Sex is greater when love is present
it's presence makes it sweeter, so much better
it is when you can laugh together when making love
or just gaze into each other eyes.
I met someone the other night
and we made love under the stars
it was so wonderful, so right,
so passionate, so alive.
Other nights too we went back to the park
and under the rain, we laid into each other's arms,
warming up, kissing, caressing, feeling our touch,
and then again, it was right, it was the perfect night.
I met someone the other night
and we made love under the stars
it was so wonderful, so right,
so passionate, so alive.


Here I am again
with pen in hand and a dim light
and as I write, I read as well,
I read "Solitude"
and in solitude I find myself again
and again.
And if not by choice
it could be by chance,
which one is it? I cannot tell,
as I often ask the same question myself.
I feel the touch of the blankets
softly and unintentionally caressing me,
such delicate and silky skin,
it is soft, it is pure
and I feel their touch
I wonder, where are you tonight?
I write from my heart, not from above in my head,
I think at times about my thoughts
and wonder, how can a grown woman dream?
Yes, dream I said
of such pure and true love,
when she has none
and even when she is the center of the universe,
she finds herself, alone, again, and again.


Meeting You

As I walked to meet you, I dreamt,
I dreamt awake in a cool winter night,
Wonderful dreams, that I couldn't believe,
My mind wandered, I wanted to taste your lips.
I stopped on a corner, and thought again
How wonderful our afternoon would be
Pleasing, enjoying each other's company
Till we reached that point, of ecstasy.
Then as I sipped my wine at a table all alone,
I fantasize that our lips met in a wonderful kiss,
The prelude to a fantastic and beautiful fizz,
That would take us to total bliss.
Ah! How wonderful imagination can be
But greater the pleasure of our bodies
Teasing, tasting, caressing one another,
I can wait to feel you, to taste you, to delight you.
You are like a fixture in my mind,
Even when I don't think of you, I do
And think of us making love under the sun,
But most wonderful would be under the moon.
Ah! How wonderful imagination can be
But greater the pleasure of our bodies
Teasing, tasting, caressing one another,
I can wait to feel you, to taste you, to delight you.

The Little Man

The little man works away at his desk
He comes in, early in the morning,
He sits at his desk and looks around,
Piles of files just a colourful rainbow.
Brown, cream, read, yellow, green,
The assortment of colours is endless,
Just like the work waiting ahead,
Multidimensional facets, it never ends.
The Little man works at his desk,
He works away, hour after hour,
with no end in sight, only a dim light ahead,
He looks at the window and smiles.
The little man works at his desk
He inputs information on the screen in front of him,
He pushes buttons all day long
Non-stop, except to have some lunch.
The Little man pulls his brown bag out
and goes downstairs to sit down
He opens the bag and takes out his lunch
fruits, a sandwich and a soft drink,
while he eats he looks around
but in the back of his mind he keeps working ahead,
trying not to forget.
The little man works at his desk
The pile on his desk is finally diminishing
He smiles and takes a deep breath,
and satisfaction shines in his eyes.
He keeps working away
He looks at the clock, just outside his door,
His heart pounds with happiness
while he waits for the hands to turn to 530,
He works away and tries not to look at the clock,
Time has sat still without passing by
It seems that everything has slow down
And he keeps working away.
It is 530 and time to go home
the little man leaves his desk for another day,
He goes home to rest, after a long day.
Tomorrow will be another day he says,
and the little will once again sit at his desk to work away
while the big man piles his desk with files,
And enjoys the afternoon off with pay.
Taking his friends to big and expensive restaurants.
He will order the most expensive wine
and the finest dessert, and probably the veal,
while the little man works away at his desk.

October 06, 2003

If Love Was Blind

If love was blind
The world would be different
There wouldn’t be hatred or hunger,
Only peace and love to abide.
If love was blind
The features of your face wouldn’t matter,
Your short temper wouldn’t be a problem,
Unfortunately that’s just not fine
If love was blind
You and I would be forever, together,
And there wouldn’t be any degrees of separation
Between you, me and the rest of the world.
If love was blind
We would see each other all the time
There wouldn’t be masks to put on
And smiles to hide or fake,
We would see each other as we really are
And we wouldn’t have to pretend for the world.
If love was blind
No one would be alone, or perhaps not
We wouldn’t have just to settle,
But we would be happy together.
If love was blind
I would see forever
And I would see your heart
I would feel your touch every night
I would caress your face, and kiss your lips.
We would make love within the darkness of our love,
Under the brightness of the full moon
When the sky is clear and the stars are shining bright,
If only love was blind.

Hidden Rose

We have never met,

And our paths have never crossed,

And it would be our loss

For why we would miss out

On such a good kiss.

We have passed

But not close enough, that energy

That grows in my imagination

That could lead to temptation.

We have never met

But this is our chance

A chance to be taken

To find out about us,

And where this path may lead us.

I have a picture in my mind,

But I've wonder from time to time,

What you might look like

And what mood there'll be

When we finally meet.

I can picture in my mind

Your wonderful and bright smile,

Flashing back to me across our table

With an invitation that could blow my mind.

Blissful Kiss

In the immensity of the sky
I saw your beautiful blue eyes
Resplendent like the stars
in a Winter night of March.
As I saw you walking
I saw a wonderful being
Someone with a heart of gold, and soul of steel.
You passed me by
But could not resist
To look into my deep brown eyes
And asked me for a blissful kiss.
Just like that
We fell into each others arms
and then walked down the street
As we have known each other
One time after another.
You didn't say your name
Nor did I say mine
But there was no need
Because as we found each other
We were set free.

As You Close Your Eyes

As you close your eyes
You feel our bodies entangling
Like young spring branches,
Ready to explode and explore.
You open your lips, just slightly
And the taste of me captures you,
Like sweet honey, soft, delicate and savoury,
So, sweet and fresh that it won’t crunch your thirst.
As you open your eyes
You look into mine with that intense gaze,
You see my eyes closed and enjoy the scene with great pleasure.
My lips, scarlet red
Softly open up and take you in,
Engulfing you entirely,
Making you shiver all over.
I see your eyes intensely shut
And your lips gripping each one another
Just like we grip one each other
Intensely, rapidly, turning into a wave of motions.
It is not just emotion, but devotion
To explore you inside and out
And turn you wild with hunger
While I learn to touch here and there,
Perhaps doing this and that
Or maybe just let the fire grow
Till, we see a wonderful glow
In your face, reaching that intense moment
Which last only so long, but that will leave you wanting more.

Nov. 20, 2003

Afternoon Delights

Once in a while I tend to think with a free mind,
and think and imagine you and me, so sweet, so
tender, so infinite.
Two minds, two bodies, and nothing in between; but
silence and our energy driving us wild.
I think of your tender hands over my soft and
delicate skin, touching, caressing, rubbing. Your hands walking
through my body, reading, tasting, feeling me complete.
And then it is nice to think of us together
pleasuring our souls, our minds, our bodies, with
mouths, hands, fingers and what not, but our senses,
from beginning to end and back.
Just like jumping thru and into a black hole
without end. Letting our minds flow and linger
thru the night, lingering that taste, that touch,
that infinite kiss. That kiss of passion that will
takes us to wonderful sensations of passion. It is
nice to imagine and wondering if things would be
just like a kiss, simple with so much passion. Can
you imagine?