Friday, September 12, 2008


Under the spring moonlight,
I write about life,
it is so wonderful, enticing, so alive
every morning, every afternoon, every night.
Every second that passes by
my life grows with me, or do I grow with it?
so many questions, so many answers
not looking for the right one
only for the reasonable one, if there is.
A war upon us
has invaded my heart, and my soul
so many others have been invaded too,
not only in heart and mind, but very deep inside.
I wish I could change the world
and if I could everything would be peaceful
full of love, but mostly truth
oh what a dream, what a lively imagination.
Under the spring moonlight,
I dream and write about life,
and under the stars I see your eyes,
and your feet leaving a print in the sand
as the sun dies at night,
I can see two foot prints
one going after the other one,
yes, you running after me,
running in the sun, playing an infantile game.
A dream catcher I see in the sky
form by the white cotton clouds,
it catches our dreams, our laughs, and all there is
and while we laugh, the ocean runs thru our feet,
ereasing our foot prints along the way,
as we have never existed.
The sun dies in the horizon
but our souls keep on living
thru our laughter,our dreams
our infantile minds, giggle thru the night
and as the full moon sets in the black velvet sky
the night runs away in a blissfull kiss goodnight.

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