Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mind Creeper

It is a slow process
It slowly creeps into your life
It silently talks into my ear
That voice in my head
I feel like doing nothing
it says
Let's just lay here and wait
but wait for what, I wonder
I wait and nothing happens
But then, I know
My body feels tire
and I want to do nothing
I fall into an stupor, of sorts
It is creeping under my skin
I can feel it, sense it
It is whispering in my ear
you are worth nothing
look at all that work, and for what?
Look at you, have you seen that?
It is a slow process
It is slowly creeping into my life
It is whispering now in my ear
And ringing right into my brain
I can feel it, slowly, smoothly moving
like a drop of olive oil on my skin
it rolls down, leaving just a fine trace
a clear path of its presence,
into my head
Yeah, it is taking over
slowly but surely
it is taking control over me
my mind, my senses, my sanity
I can see it in the night
the shadow looms on the wall
like a mosquito buzzing around,
I slap it off but it moves, quickly
It is creeping
under the blankets at night
when I sleep, but I don't let it
It is trying to take over my dreams,
but I fight it with my white board
I put in a cage, where it can't escape
or so I thought
but it oozed out through the narrow slots
and onto the curtain
hanging like a shadow in Summer time
It is creeping on the wall
I try to catch it, but it is too smart
just when I think I got it, it escapes
until morning arrives
and I'm so grateful 
because it is light time and it won't get me
Until I turn around
and see it plaster on the wall
once again
sneering at me with satisfaction
"You cannot escape me, it says"
I shake my head, "Leave me alone" I say
But, it is relentless
I keeps slowly creeping
into my head
Then, with all my might
I fight it and it leaves me alone

But, it sits on the corner chair
in my room
It sits there and waits
at night, still sitting in the dark
with that sneer in its face
I feel it and I fear it
that IT will get me 
one of these days