Friday, April 30, 2010


I cleaned my closet
yesterday afternoon
I only wanted to
but found a lonely
hidden in the corner,
a box
full of books and pictures
God only knows from
I found old love letters
written to me,
read them again
look at pictures and found
some of lovers
looked at them too
read letters
and saw pictures
then I saw the
recycling bin
so I torn them all
and said
and with that
the place was
pristine clean
and no need
to dust

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What about US?!

When someone
takes their life
they are not clearly
thinking about
you, I, the world
nor even themselves
We have no idea what
or who is driving
their thoughts
They might have been
perfectly normal to us
but we will never know
And despite what we
know, knew or thought we
we always ask
What about us?!
Why are you leaving us
in pain
suffering your absence
missing you?
It is not up to us
to ask questions
and there is nobody
to give us
only that one who left
knows why she left
and it was perhaps
all those voices in
her head
that she could not
stand anymore
She just wanted to put
an end
to her pain
which we would never
so don't ask
What about us?!
Because it was never
about you
to begin


I want to have you
in my
so there
I said it
That is what a woman
said to a
who she thought
She was pure
she was virginal
until she met
this man
who showed her
that there was
no more
innocence in this
except that of a young

On Death

comes sudden
or we choose it?
Those who choose
it who knows
what is in their minds
or why they want to
end life, so soon
those who await it
that it is not there time
but have been tag
by something beyond
their control
Those who think about it
are aware of it but leave it
in the back
burner, slowly burning
not really putting more
logs in the fire to ignite it
even more
Death is sudden
nobody knows when it will
knocking on our door
or swiftly takes us
to an unknown world
far beyond what we
know, if we know
if even there is
something beyond
the stars and the
far from the infinite
of the sea
and its depths
On death
I do not dwell
for life is so precious
not to live it
So lets live today
and not worry about
On Death
I do not dwell

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She was no more

She always wish for more
to be better than before
to be someone else at times
but why?
she wished she was a better human
but it was only who
She lived her life
in disarray
and all the voices
in her
and she always
so I am good
free from myself
no ego to fight anymore
or superego to avail
nor an id to combat
because I am free
Take me or leave me
but never in between
Love me or hate me
pick a side
but never walk
on the borderline
Take me or leave me
where her last words
just before she
off the bridge
to the abyss below
where she was

Sun Worshipers

Blessed are those
of us
who lay on the sand
taking it all in
every little bit
every morsel
of vitamin
just to make us
a little happier
give us
bit of
We are sun worshipers
and nothing else
lets just
enjoy it
while we can
and have nothing
to worry
How Divine!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Laundry Day

So how was it?
a woman asked another
it was incredible she responded
we kissed
we undressed
he whispered
he made so much noise
when we were in bed
and so the story went
on and on
every single detailed
hanged on the line
no secrets left, behind
no mystery to wonder, about
I could picture in my head
this man's manhood
laid bared on the table
behind his back
and if we met, I would know
everything there is to know
except his name,
he was hanged like clothes
on a line
left to dry till crisped
on a hot summer day
under the rain
And the woman went on
no secrets left, behind
no mystery to wonder, about
She kissed and told
It was a rainy afternoon,
once again
we all knew, heard, and overheard
while sitting sipping coffee
at the corner coffee shop
everything there was to be known
A man was hanged dried
on a line
made fun of and joked about
it must have been
Laundry Day,
and I was so happy to know
that I am not
like her

Sunday, April 25, 2010


There have been no
all has been put on the
since the beginning
all our trash is out
one way or another,
with no inhibitions left,
honesty has poured
out of us
through our words, gazes,
our intentional touches
when we walked side by
so not to leave any
that there was interest
in both
We spoke to each other
in our comfortable
We have been naked
all this time
stripped to the bone
even when our clothes was
our senses so close to
the surface
every touch imagined
brought us closer and
no pretenses
no fancy words to disguise
our intentions
all so natural as it should
and without realizing it
we have been naked
all this time

Friday, April 23, 2010

What would it be?

There are two choices
liquids or fumes
which one would you choose?
the liquid options are infinite
it is hard to choose
rum, beer, water, wine
if you choose wine would it be?
red or white?
local or international?
same with beer, so many
wonderful tastes, lager, pale ale,
honey, the choices are really
mind boggling.
BUT if you choose
the fumes
there is only one choice
tiny dry leaves, cut,
shredded, rolled
in thin paper like sheets
and there you have it,
no brands to choose from
no names, local or not?
it is pretty easy
but the combination of both
is volatile
a combination of two worlds
all too different to differentiate
you are inebriated or stoned to
The only difference is
one is legal
and the other
the choice is your
no questions asked

So what would it be?

At the beach

We walked to the beach
through rocks, sand and
we walk for miles it seems
captivated by the sound,
the sound of the ocean
hitting the shore
with its effervescent fizz
swish, swash, swoosh
the wind was strong
and it was at times very cold
but, we walked through
under the hot sun,
and we walked some more
we ate, we laughed, we drank
water nonetheless
till we reached,
the beach where we stayed
and where we laid
to soak life into our soul,
body, and mind
It was a delicious treat
laying on the beach
and the sweet smell of the ocean
penetrating our clothes
with grains of sand and wind
we laid there
comfortably silent
and no care in the world
what a glorious day
to be under the magic
and captivating sun
so delightful, delicious,
so so infinite
and then we parted ways
went to sleep and dreamt
at the beach
of another rendezvous
under the sun

Sunday, April 18, 2010

In my head

your eyes
your lips
you body
everything about you
is soft and delicate
I know without knowing
your hands, your intense
but soft gaze,
your pouty lips when you
a word here and there
your accent is so soft,
so luring,
exciting, enticing
Your smile so delicate
so emotional, so intense,
it is luring me
slowly to the centre
of that universe
where I wish to be
but, who knows
if there is a planet
to get to
in that imagine
universe in my


one, two, three
four, a thousand
a million,
a billion
thousands of billions
infinite numbers
falling from the sky,
not stars or meteorites
nor flying pigs
it is the essence of life
falling from the sky

At the Library

I hear nothing but
in the halls
in the small tables
scattered methodically around
there are towers
fill with letters, books, toms
from here and there
and everywhere
there is silence
blank stares
eyes fixed on a screen
or ear plugs in the ears
There is silence
nobody speaks, except a few
we walk up or down
left, right, looking up and down
we ask information in whispery tones
as to not disturb those around us
there are smiles and frowns
everyone is busy
looking intently in front of them
eyes fixes on a screen
or a book
there is silence
nobody speaks, except a few
we speak in whispery tones
and that's when you know
to hush hush at the