Thursday, May 28, 2009


She twirls, she turns, she jumps
he jumps, turns and twirls
they follow the rhythms of the music not in unison
but they follow along
she extends her arms gracefully and so does he
he takes one step back, two steps forward
she runs around him and their eyes meet
she smiles and a frown appears in her forehead
is she in pain, what is she feeling when she moves
he holds his arms out wanting to hold her but he can't
because she is gone
their hearts are pumping with love
love for one another? Who knows it is hard to tell
suddenly they meet and collide with grace
and start to move in unison as they should
he carries her across the floor as if floating
she follows tapping her her feet smoothly on the floor
he extends his arms and twirls her around gently holding her
she smiles and so does he but the frown remains in her forehead
what is it? he wonders
and no reply he hears
they follow the rhythms of the music
they cry, they love, they hurt, yet they keep going
their toes bleed even
yet they keep going
then they collapse spent into each others arms
and even though it hurts, they keep going
till the last dance when the lights go off
and the curtain falls

Thursday, May 21, 2009



some miles away

in a beautiful island where peace resides
where the sea is just around the corner
where the sand is white and the toes feel just right
tears are being shed and I'm so far out to wipe them dry
too far to hug this being so beautiful and clean;
she cries alone, sleeps alone, feels lonely
her head is in turmoil wondering what is going on?
She gave it all with all her might; she kissed with all her heart
droplets of love poured out of her soul for this one man
who has broken her heart another time
he is all she thinks about, all she wants in life
he showed her love and she took it all in
stride by stride she went. she walked slowly for a while
she tested the waters just in case. one toe first, then another,
then she jumped. now, she sheds tears of pain
and I am so far away to clear them all. but she knows that I am not too far
just one dial, maybe two, maybe ten
all she has to do is call
and I'll be there in mind and soul
to take her in my hold

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the dark we always are
the unknown always awaits us
our future is without plan
every day is new, unexpected, even deniable
we move without thinking
we think without thinking
in the dark we remain day after day
who really knows what awaits us tomorrow
will it rain, will the sun shine, will the clouds show?
we don't know
Optimism can only get us so far
but I remain the eternal optimistic
hoping for something better always
but today, we are here, tomorrow who knows
but there is no doubt in my mind
that something will happen tomorrow
but what? that remains to be seen
obscurity it is a nice place to be for those who like adventure
discovering the unknown unknown
or would you rather be in the known unknown
or the known known
take your pick either choice will bring something new
but only one will make it worth wild
obscurity is a great place to be at times
it is the place where excitement and new things happen
without knowing the outcome of either
you will discover that obscurity is
a realm for those who like to live at the edge of life

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

With Open Eyes

The fumes have filled our lungs
it runs through our veins and it reaches our brain
it lingers there for a while
while we travel in time to another world
we travel to many moons ahead without leaving Earth
we discover new things, new paths, new sensations
with open eyes we go into the dark
your baby blues become more blue than the ocean
more beautiful than the sky, more tender than life
your lips are so tender, so magical, so infinite
their tenderness lock me in as if in trance
when I am drowning they rescue me, they give me life.
And then, we kiss and magic begins
with opens eyes we toss and turn and toss again
we lock our gaze and move in unison
we interlock our bodies and we fall in awe of each other
the room spins and we spin with it
your smile is more beautiful than ever
the joy of a short trip radiates on your face
your eyes light up when you tell me of a chase
a cover to avoid getting hurt while having fun
the beers drank, the duck cooked, the crab catching
and then with open eyes we go again
lingering into each of our minds, wanting to know more
exploring and discovering new paths, new sensations
beyond our imagination we go into the dark
we look into each of our souls with open hearts
and open eyes

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's magic

one sip here, one sip there
apple, banana, chocolate or raspberry
the combinations and choices are delicious
you take one, I take one we cheer and down it goes
to your health, to my heatlh, to our health, to life
to many more greater moments ahead we cheer, chin, chin
we talked about many things without making sense at times
it is a fun time
after one or two sips of banana with raspberry
or chocolate and apple or banana and chocolate
we laugh even more
our senses are a million times closer to the surface
and we explore here, there, and everywhere
we love every second of every minute that passes by
every second turns to hours of infinite pleasure
we love it all and desire even more
a kiss comes into play and here comes disarray
everything strew along the floor from the bar to the door
from the door to the chair, while the stool sits idle in its place
the candlelight makes everything look so much better
then the fumes come running through our lungs
till it reaches our brain and we can think no more
without thinking we sense our thoughts
our minds are clearer than we think, yet we do not think
it is magic
the kind of magic that cannot be duplicated
it can only be lived once and must be lived now
we move from one place to another
we lose each other in each other without ever leaving
and found one another in this magical and mystic moment
when our brain, heart, lungs, and senses are so much better
when every touch, caress, kiss, breath of life is better than the last
it is magic

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

at midnight

It is midnight
I lay here in an empty bed
undraped, alone but never lonely

because you are in my dreams
I lay down and dream
and feel your caresses from head to toe
I can feel your breath close to my ear
I feel the air of your fingers on me
I smell your scent so close, yet far
I hear your voice far, yet so close
I feel you very near in every sense
It is midnight
I lay awake but sleeping
I talk to you in my dreams
we smile at each other and laugh too
I lay here in my empty bed
undraped, alone but never lonely
at midnight, I see your piercing blue eyes
looking through the window of my dreams
and you smile because you know
what is in my head
you are at midnight

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If I could

I would have you every second of the day
if it were not for the distance
I would have you every morning for breakfast
sweetened with fresh fruit and maple syrup
You are the perfect dessert for every meal and every occasion
if I could have you every night, I would
toss and turn, and toss again in the sesame vinaigrette
surrounded by delicious salad leaves
perhaps beets, carrots, raisins and mango sauce...hmm
in a big plate of soft blankets smelling like dew
freshly made and just as if it was just freshly discovered
there is always something new to find within, the salad leaves
At midnight, I would have you as my night cup
filled with redolent and succulent roasted grains
heated by the touch of lips and soft caresses here and there
I would drink you slowly, savouring every little sip till the last drop is gone
after midnight I would bring you home like my overnight blanket
filled with strong and softly feathers to caress my soul
it would keep me warm all throughout the night till the early cold hours of the morning
when the dew arrives bringing everything anew
and in the morning I would have my breakfast again
filled with fruit and perhaps some syrup, rye toast, and peanut butter
I would drink you as my sweet orange juice
and I'll have all the energy in the world for another day
and then the cycle will begin again
if I could have you every hour of the day, I would
but alas you are a bit too far away
so I go to bed with a smile on my face
and the thoughts in my head
wishing that you were, in my bed

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Perfect Lover

She desires
she wants
she wants to be kiss
she found the perfect lover
someone who will take her
with his hands he makes her smile
with his lips he makes her shiver
she is being taken care of
She falls into a spell of desire
of wants and needs
that need to be satisfy
she has found the perfect lover
that one who caresses her softly
kisses her passionately
and takes her the way she wants
His lips are soft and delicious
his body is warm and strong
he is the perfect lover
Their pupils dilate when they come together
their bodies become one
with passion and fun
they enjoy each other
for hours on end throughout the night
and after they are spent
they smile to each other
and say good night
no questions asked

Friday, May 1, 2009

Not the End

Released I have found
to all my inhibitions, my troubled mind, my broken heart
it is as if a dark cloud has been lifted
I have accepted my hurt and now it is time to continue
with life
It hurt momentarily to not fault but my own
I know you still care
I know you still love me
I know you still my friend
For now, let the river flow
let it flow towards the ocean's mouth
and wash away all the undesirable thoughts
let it rinse and heal the wounds in the soul
let us move on from this dark place
Release I found in my words
a release that cannot be denied
it is the outlet to my mind
Yes, of course it hurt to not fault but my own
now it is time to move on slowly
like a breeze in the desert that touches your skin ever so softly
like the wind of a hot summer day, swiftly caressing your face
like the rain that washes our worries away
A release I found out within
I talk, I think, I feel, I write
this is my release
let me be for now
tomorrow will be
another day
in life