Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the dark we always are
the unknown always awaits us
our future is without plan
every day is new, unexpected, even deniable
we move without thinking
we think without thinking
in the dark we remain day after day
who really knows what awaits us tomorrow
will it rain, will the sun shine, will the clouds show?
we don't know
Optimism can only get us so far
but I remain the eternal optimistic
hoping for something better always
but today, we are here, tomorrow who knows
but there is no doubt in my mind
that something will happen tomorrow
but what? that remains to be seen
obscurity it is a nice place to be for those who like adventure
discovering the unknown unknown
or would you rather be in the known unknown
or the known known
take your pick either choice will bring something new
but only one will make it worth wild
obscurity is a great place to be at times
it is the place where excitement and new things happen
without knowing the outcome of either
you will discover that obscurity is
a realm for those who like to live at the edge of life

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