Tuesday, May 19, 2009

With Open Eyes

The fumes have filled our lungs
it runs through our veins and it reaches our brain
it lingers there for a while
while we travel in time to another world
we travel to many moons ahead without leaving Earth
we discover new things, new paths, new sensations
with open eyes we go into the dark
your baby blues become more blue than the ocean
more beautiful than the sky, more tender than life
your lips are so tender, so magical, so infinite
their tenderness lock me in as if in trance
when I am drowning they rescue me, they give me life.
And then, we kiss and magic begins
with opens eyes we toss and turn and toss again
we lock our gaze and move in unison
we interlock our bodies and we fall in awe of each other
the room spins and we spin with it
your smile is more beautiful than ever
the joy of a short trip radiates on your face
your eyes light up when you tell me of a chase
a cover to avoid getting hurt while having fun
the beers drank, the duck cooked, the crab catching
and then with open eyes we go again
lingering into each of our minds, wanting to know more
exploring and discovering new paths, new sensations
beyond our imagination we go into the dark
we look into each of our souls with open hearts
and open eyes

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