Monday, February 8, 2010

live it

Don't be a follower
and don't be a fool
thinking you've accepted things
when you really haven't.
Yes, life goes on and so do we
without those that we have
loved the most,
even those who we only
embraced for a few hours.
Life is full of lessons
good and bad, others teach us
we teach them, we both learn
perhaps but not for sure,
in the midst of our pain
we try to find happiness, anywhere
from anyone we come close to,
even if it means giving up,
our dream.
The dream that you had already realized
but, that was taken away from you,
in seconds,
the love given to you, without conditions
the dream house with the big backyard
the car, the home, the warmth, the love
the happiness that always eluded you,
but that you finally found.
It was not a dream, but a reality
that disappeared in the air
which is now buried underground
to never come back.
Love has been given to you
one time after another
but you don't really care
you brushed it of again and again
You aren't sure of what you want
not even if you really want anything
Follow your heart but don't be a follower
be the leader of your life
a bright future awaits
even when it looks bleak,
you are living and life is here
so live it as if you were