Wednesday, August 25, 2010


All words will never say
all that is within me,
I think of many things
so many words to tell
but none will ever
encompass what you
mean to me
All words are indescribable
all words are useless at times
pain is not so hard to describe
it's either dull, throbbing, sharp
constant, intermitent
but LOVE is just not so easy
some describe it as amazing,
wonderful, great, awesome,
strange feeling, happiness,
bliss, cloud 9, swept of their feet,
special, fantastic, and so on and
so forth but the love for one
person whom one respects is
just to great to describe
to broad and never concrete
as this changes all the time
Everyday with you is different
no matter the hour or the time
of day
It is different every single
moment for however long this
might be
It is a single day, moment, second
of a lifetime spent with you
When I'm away from you
I think about you
You make me smile in my dreams
and in my day you are present
Yes, everything is new and exciting
as exciting as anything I have ever
I cannot find the words to say
that feeling you make me feel
I cannot tell you how in words
or just a few sentences all
that you encompass
I could write an entire book
of descriptions about how you
make me feel and still at the end
on the last chapter I will not be
for there will be more words
that I wish to tell you
but for now
I can only tell you
I love you

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Else

It started with a touch
so intense it blew my
It continued with a soft
very soft
so passionate it made my
It was followed by a gaze
so deep
it made me sigh
Then a word spoken here and there
where sound left a trail
so deep it cut into the dark of the
Two bodies got entangled
and they mingled
into the early hours of the morning
so sweet, swift, and infinite
so swift that every touch lasts
So sweet that no honey
can be sweet enough
So infinite that all the stars
in the universe are left
Because when you and I are
there is only one world
where you and I exist
and nothing else

Friday, August 13, 2010

On Friendship

I have been nothing but
truthful all this time
for you to question our
I feel violated by you
in all senses of the word
for I have never questioned
the time you never
give me nor I demand it
Friendship should be free
given all the time
when we want but never
You demand and are angry
and I live my life without
demands from you
nor anyone else
I have never questioned
our friendship
but today I do
I have never
in all this time felt
neglected even though I was
I never felt left in the dark
even though I was
I never felt selft-rightousness
but I do today
for our friendship has been long
but never I thought you would
demand it
I have been honest all this time
to the core of my being
right through the bone
and you still question our friendship
how dare you!?
I never hear from you
unless I call or write
but you demand?!
How could you?
And that makes all the difference
between you and I
for today our friendship has
and you are the only one to

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

You are

You are
in the deep recesses
of my life
ingrained in my soul
sealed in my heart
and in my dreams
You are
an exceptional
human being
like one I have
never known
nor I will ever know
You are
to me
and while we talk
I learn more about
You are
and I patiently
await for more

Saturday, August 7, 2010


They light in the sky
and they also ligth
inside of me
deep in my chest
deep in my soul
fireworks I feel
everytime I am with you
When you hold my hand
I feel a tingling sensation
so deep it goes all the way
up to
it runs deep into my veins
and smoothly slips into
When I hear your whisper in
I can only hear one thing
the explosions of fire
the ignited fire
of your
When we kiss
I feel a river running
through my veins
I feel the current
carrying me to places
never known
never explored
never visited
Its flow take me deep
into the jungle
of real and true
like I haver never
Your caress so soft and
take me to heaven
where I fly through the
and beyond
where the stars explode
and the moon shine
where Pluto no longer
but you and I do
These are the best
I have ever seen
and feel
the explosions are
so inmense and infinite
every and each one
is unique
and so complete
there are no lights
left without lighting
a fire inside of my
You are the fireworks
that light my
and the explosion
fills my chest
and makes me