Tuesday, May 12, 2009

If I could

I would have you every second of the day
if it were not for the distance
I would have you every morning for breakfast
sweetened with fresh fruit and maple syrup
You are the perfect dessert for every meal and every occasion
if I could have you every night, I would
toss and turn, and toss again in the sesame vinaigrette
surrounded by delicious salad leaves
perhaps beets, carrots, raisins and mango sauce...hmm
in a big plate of soft blankets smelling like dew
freshly made and just as if it was just freshly discovered
there is always something new to find within, the salad leaves
At midnight, I would have you as my night cup
filled with redolent and succulent roasted grains
heated by the touch of lips and soft caresses here and there
I would drink you slowly, savouring every little sip till the last drop is gone
after midnight I would bring you home like my overnight blanket
filled with strong and softly feathers to caress my soul
it would keep me warm all throughout the night till the early cold hours of the morning
when the dew arrives bringing everything anew
and in the morning I would have my breakfast again
filled with fruit and perhaps some syrup, rye toast, and peanut butter
I would drink you as my sweet orange juice
and I'll have all the energy in the world for another day
and then the cycle will begin again
if I could have you every hour of the day, I would
but alas you are a bit too far away
so I go to bed with a smile on my face
and the thoughts in my head
wishing that you were, in my bed

1 comment:

  1. This poem has stirred my soul if not my body...where can I get that salad?...sounds delicious is this a B&B.

    Ana you are so sensous in your words...you make people feel everything. Thank you. You are an amazing writer