Thursday, May 28, 2009


She twirls, she turns, she jumps
he jumps, turns and twirls
they follow the rhythms of the music not in unison
but they follow along
she extends her arms gracefully and so does he
he takes one step back, two steps forward
she runs around him and their eyes meet
she smiles and a frown appears in her forehead
is she in pain, what is she feeling when she moves
he holds his arms out wanting to hold her but he can't
because she is gone
their hearts are pumping with love
love for one another? Who knows it is hard to tell
suddenly they meet and collide with grace
and start to move in unison as they should
he carries her across the floor as if floating
she follows tapping her her feet smoothly on the floor
he extends his arms and twirls her around gently holding her
she smiles and so does he but the frown remains in her forehead
what is it? he wonders
and no reply he hears
they follow the rhythms of the music
they cry, they love, they hurt, yet they keep going
their toes bleed even
yet they keep going
then they collapse spent into each others arms
and even though it hurts, they keep going
till the last dance when the lights go off
and the curtain falls

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