Sunday, June 14, 2009


I have sacrifice
a lifetime of happiness
in a place where things will never
move forward
it is fun for a while but then what?
we are stagnant in this place
where you live your life and I mine
it is a sacrifice of great amounts
my heart bleeds, my heart loves
I desire to be love
but you will never love me
but if you do, you deny it and why?
I have sacrifice
a lifetime of love
in a place where the water recedes
mud has formed and my feet are stuck
I want to let go but I can't
I want to love but you won't let me
I want to be with you all the time
I sacrifice because of love
I often think of you if not every day
I wonder and dream what it would be like
to be with you everyday
You coming home and me waiting
wrapped in my apron
cooking us dinner
chin chin we would with a bottle of red
or maybe white
we would go the patio and eat
and then we would make love
till we are spent
I sacrifice my dream
and the hope dies everyday
when I wake-up
and every night
when I go to sleep
and then we start all over again

1 comment:

  1. Ana, you are one of the most amazing writers I have come acrossed. I feel every word you have written, it makes me feel sad and that is the mark of a true poet who as you said thinks with her head but acts with her heart. Lots of love Rob