Saturday, June 20, 2009

wear the pants

wear the pants if you want
but wear them well
wear them like the man you think you are
not like the man you wish to be
you mop around wishing to find
the exact words to describe what bothers you
yet the only things I hear are complaints
it is too hot
it is very cold
it's not hot enough
with you i am strong you tell me
yet i was left behind your bureau
forgotten like a piece of paper that had fallen behind
the crack
and down the crack I fell
while you were holding me in your arms
i hear your words, yet there is silence in them

your thoughts are like clusters of lard
slowly melting without having much effect

they slide out of the pan
right onto the pavement
and we all stepped all over them
because you want to wear the pants
yet you do not have the guts
to be the man you wish to be

you are meek and weak
and you will never be the man you wish to be
if you don't wear the right pants
that you wish you could

it is a false hope

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