Monday, June 22, 2009

the dark side of me

i know secrets about you
that you wish i didn't know
the dark side of me thinks
i can harm you so bad, ruin your life
but then i digress and reform myself
or do i, or just think that i do
without really thinking much
i deviate at times from the rails of life
i go overboard
i jumped from the skyscraper
i fly with all the secrets in my head
oh yeah, i could mess you up really bad
tell them who you are
but then i return to normalcy again
and i see the light
from the tunnel to the end of the bridge
oh yes, i see the light, it is calling me
the dark side of me appears
wishing to ruin someone's life
my deviation rubs it's fingers with pleasure
i will make you suffer it says
i will make you mad
and ruin your life

in the dark side, i like to be at times
it makes me strong, it makes me mad
for i am an angel, of death
in a second i transform
and if you saw me in this form
you would ask
how in the world did i turn so bad
this is the dark side of me
but it's just a fantasy
or is it a reality?

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