Thursday, June 25, 2009


I do not want pity when I am dead
you can cry your eyes out if you want
and bury me in a nice hole
with an engraved rock, if you wish
but pay me tribute when I am alive
tell me all the things you wish, to tell me
so that I can hear you and see your smile
if there is anything, I need to see
I want to know how much you love me,
if you do
and by no means you have to tell me
a four letter word
a tribute should be pay to someone
when alive
not in death, for the dead do not hear
or maybe they do
but just in case tell me now
the things that in your heart
you hide away
give me your love
your listening ear
your understanding gaze, now
not tomorrow for I may not be here
to see it all
if you have a love one on a death bed
tell them how much you love them
or hate them for that matter
for they may go sooner than you think
without ever knowing how you
felt about them or if you love or loved them
at all
we may think they know, we love them
but they might not
and why is it so hard to tell someone
how we feel, when they are so close to our reach
tell me or tell them what is in your heart

for you may not get another chance
once they are gone.
now that
they and I are

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