Thursday, June 18, 2009

given up

in his death bed he lies
his heart is filled with anger
he has given up on life and everyone around
i wonder why he wants to die
but i dare not to ask for the answer might hurt
more than i can dare to take
my heart pumps with anger too
because i want him to fight for his life
but he has given up
perhaps he has given up for a simple reason
yet i don't know why
maybe because everyone around is bitter
and sad, they want him to do what they want
he is just being stubborn and is letting go
he knows no one can make him do anything
because he is a hot headed man
he will lie there dying with all eyes on him
maybe he likes the attention we are giving him
we are fighting for his life but he has given up
on his own
why do i fight for him? why do we all i asked myself?
i simply have no answers to tell
i just want him to live, to love me in return, i don't even know why
he gave up on me long ago but i keep on loving him
even when i don't get anything in return
for i know that love is unconditional and not the same all around
should i expect a 'thank you' from him, maybe not
maybe i should do it out of love, the deep love i feel for him
i am angry and i am confused
because i am keeping him alive
even though i know he wants to die
and deep down i know i have also
given up on him
and my dream of him
loving me back

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