Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Riddance

It has been a liberation of many kinds
I have finally rid myself of you
of your antiques and bad temper
and the sadness and anger you carry in you
irate you are all the time
to the world within you
you blame others for what's happened to you
but cannot bare to face the truth
be a man and face it
look at yourself in the mirror and take a hard look
good riddance I am not longer with you
I was drowning in your sorry and only felt pity for you
gave you advice that you were not willing to take
you ask for honesty yet you do not want to hear my words
because you know they are true
good riddance I am no longer with you
You sailed, you worked far away but wanted to remain
at sea you were many times but deny to receive my calls
all messages were returned but never responded to
and even when you erase me from your life
I remain in it far in the distance and in your mind
I am now moving on and leaving you far behind
Good riddance I am not longer with you
You drove and flew imaginable distances to be with me
you said you loved me but those were only words
the words you thought I wanted to mistaken can one be?
you erred on the side of caution but never jumped in the water with me
but let me drowned
then threw me a life saver and left me at sea
in the middle of the infinite
with no food and no water
good riddance you got rid of me, I suppose
but I got rid of your long ago
when I finally realized, you were not a real man
good riddance you are no longer in my life

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