Saturday, June 20, 2009


I heard of a woman
who is hated by all
and she barely knows it
and if she does she lets it slide by
perhaps she knows but in silence she remains
she became the other woman
yet nobody knows why
there are rumors and stories
but no one knows the truth, the whole truth
she is hated by all but one man
who has remain by her side
loving her all this time
he loves her to death
while everyone hates it, for not reason
did she steal a man or not?
who knows, and who is certain that she did
do we know if the man who loves her stole her
from another man
but there are always two sides to every story
there is a woman who has made
the story to fit her own purpose in life
she wants people to feel sorry for her
oh yes, we feel sorry for her
but not fort he right reasons
she has it all wrong and has for the longest time now
all the sorrow she wanted for herself
has turned into pity from others
she is alone and was left behind long ago
she never moved on
when the OTHER woman remained in the scene all this time
and even though she is hated she loves
and is loved
by the one man
who stole her from her own man
even though everyone believes
that it was the other way around
open your mind and listen to her
not just hate her for no reason
you judge her but you don't want to be judge
God forbid what we could find
scattered in the inside of your closet
where nobody has dare to look
because of course you wouldn't do that
but if you did what then
would you want to be judge
the way you have judge the OTHER woman
i think not
put yourself in her place
but you wouldn't do that
because you are so enthrall in your life
and selfishly judge others but not yourself
give her a chance and you might find
someone you did not expect to see
how would you like to be


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