Monday, June 29, 2009

Consummate Runners

We prepared for a long time
there are jitters and nervousness
we get hurt, we go through pain
sometimes, we fall but get back-up
we get up early in the mornings,
it is a crazy thing to do
at times we just want to give up
but we don't
we continue on regardless of the hurt
one day we decide to participate
and pay dearly at times
ouch there it goes the bank account
but who cares, it is all for fun
we meet new people, groups, and just individuals
some welcome you, others keep you at arms
length, but eventually accept you
there are miles to be covered
water to be drank, food to be eaten
restful nights are needed
and sacrifices are made
for one day of glory
that could last
seconds, minutes, or hours
one wrong step could be the end
and every stride gets you closer to the goal
some do it for the thrill of it
others just want a challenge
a few do it for fun, but to prove something
yet, I do it because I love it
amongst my peers I stand at that fine line
where one pop will send us all wild
we stand at the start line
amongst many
we have come all this way for one ride
others have arrived from far lands
for one day of glory,
we are consummate runners
that train, train, train
and the only gold is the finish line
and the knowledge
that all the pain, suffering, trials
and failures will pay
with that medal
hanging on our necks
after we crossed the line

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