Monday, June 15, 2009

In the distance

In the distance I hear a voice
a sweet and soft voice that soothes my heart
it is my guarding angel looking after me
whispering in my ear
my angel whispers,
you are loved by many
hate by few
but admired by thousands
In the distance I see a light
the light at the end of a tunnel
from where I have emerge with new hope
new dreams, new fantasies, a new life
In the distance I see the sun
rising through the fog warming my heart
it rises slowly yet as fast as the eye can see
it radiates upon my face and soothes me
there is a soft and gentle breeze
I close my eyes and dream and let the breeze take me away
it takes me to another world, where there are no lies
no hate, only is my own imaginary and wonderful world
where everyone gets along
where I can see smiling faces from young and old
the houses are all the same yet very different
Far in the distance I hear a cry
a newborn has arrived, what a joy
Far in the distance I hear a cry
someones love one is gone but we all rejoice
for there when one lives ends another one begins
In the distance I hear a soothing voice
I feel the breeze of the wind caressing my check
tracing the edges of my lips
I open my eyes and it is you
your wonderful eyes and your bright smile
right there in front of me
I smile and you smile back
Far in the distance I hear a voice
And then I wake up....just to find it was all a dream

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