Friday, May 15, 2009

It's magic

one sip here, one sip there
apple, banana, chocolate or raspberry
the combinations and choices are delicious
you take one, I take one we cheer and down it goes
to your health, to my heatlh, to our health, to life
to many more greater moments ahead we cheer, chin, chin
we talked about many things without making sense at times
it is a fun time
after one or two sips of banana with raspberry
or chocolate and apple or banana and chocolate
we laugh even more
our senses are a million times closer to the surface
and we explore here, there, and everywhere
we love every second of every minute that passes by
every second turns to hours of infinite pleasure
we love it all and desire even more
a kiss comes into play and here comes disarray
everything strew along the floor from the bar to the door
from the door to the chair, while the stool sits idle in its place
the candlelight makes everything look so much better
then the fumes come running through our lungs
till it reaches our brain and we can think no more
without thinking we sense our thoughts
our minds are clearer than we think, yet we do not think
it is magic
the kind of magic that cannot be duplicated
it can only be lived once and must be lived now
we move from one place to another
we lose each other in each other without ever leaving
and found one another in this magical and mystic moment
when our brain, heart, lungs, and senses are so much better
when every touch, caress, kiss, breath of life is better than the last
it is magic

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