Friday, April 23, 2010

What would it be?

There are two choices
liquids or fumes
which one would you choose?
the liquid options are infinite
it is hard to choose
rum, beer, water, wine
if you choose wine would it be?
red or white?
local or international?
same with beer, so many
wonderful tastes, lager, pale ale,
honey, the choices are really
mind boggling.
BUT if you choose
the fumes
there is only one choice
tiny dry leaves, cut,
shredded, rolled
in thin paper like sheets
and there you have it,
no brands to choose from
no names, local or not?
it is pretty easy
but the combination of both
is volatile
a combination of two worlds
all too different to differentiate
you are inebriated or stoned to
The only difference is
one is legal
and the other
the choice is your
no questions asked

So what would it be?

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