Friday, April 23, 2010

At the beach

We walked to the beach
through rocks, sand and
we walk for miles it seems
captivated by the sound,
the sound of the ocean
hitting the shore
with its effervescent fizz
swish, swash, swoosh
the wind was strong
and it was at times very cold
but, we walked through
under the hot sun,
and we walked some more
we ate, we laughed, we drank
water nonetheless
till we reached,
the beach where we stayed
and where we laid
to soak life into our soul,
body, and mind
It was a delicious treat
laying on the beach
and the sweet smell of the ocean
penetrating our clothes
with grains of sand and wind
we laid there
comfortably silent
and no care in the world
what a glorious day
to be under the magic
and captivating sun
so delightful, delicious,
so so infinite
and then we parted ways
went to sleep and dreamt
at the beach
of another rendezvous
under the sun

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