Thursday, April 29, 2010

On Death

comes sudden
or we choose it?
Those who choose
it who knows
what is in their minds
or why they want to
end life, so soon
those who await it
that it is not there time
but have been tag
by something beyond
their control
Those who think about it
are aware of it but leave it
in the back
burner, slowly burning
not really putting more
logs in the fire to ignite it
even more
Death is sudden
nobody knows when it will
knocking on our door
or swiftly takes us
to an unknown world
far beyond what we
know, if we know
if even there is
something beyond
the stars and the
far from the infinite
of the sea
and its depths
On death
I do not dwell
for life is so precious
not to live it
So lets live today
and not worry about
On Death
I do not dwell

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