Friday, September 12, 2008

My Mind Wanders and I Wonder

My mind wanders and I wonder
yes, I wonder about an afternoon delight
it seems so promising, so enticing, so delightfully untrue,
but yes it is a true, that I can't even believe.
I found you thru some page on the web
yes, I was wondering if I could find someone that will match
to me and to my other entities,
those entities that have lacked care and affinity.
So, now my mind wanders and I wonder
thru the afternoon, thru the night, thru the morning light!
I can wait to see you and say hello
and taste your lips with such infinity.
I sit here and my mind wanders and I wonder too,
such an elusive truth, to be with you
I can almost feel the touch of your wonderful lips
on my soft and silky baby skin.
I look into space and my mind wanders again,
again you are real,
so real that I can almost without touching you, I feel,
now I wonder too, how can this be such an elusive truth?

Nov. 13, 2002

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