Friday, September 12, 2008

Mind Capturing

It is the beauty of your mind
that has captured me,
its intrinsic ways I find,
very attractive yet enticing.
It is the sensitivity of your words
coming from your heart, but your head as well
that makes me wonder even more.
You have a beautiful way of being yourself
when I talk to you
I discover many things about me,
and you revealed many of you too,
when you tell me of your love.
It is a fascinating feeling
what I feel when we endlessly talk
there seems to be some instant connection
that not even my mind can comprehend.
I like the thought of you imagining my soft neck,
it makes me wonder what could it be like,
to feel your hands, your mouth, your lips, your breath,
touching, caressing even nibbling and making me shiver.
You have a beautiful mind
full of intrinsic and sensitive thoughts,
that brings you to reveal many things of you,
to a complete stranger that could be yours

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