Friday, September 12, 2008

As You Close Your Eyes

As you close your eyes
You feel our bodies entangling
Like young spring branches,
Ready to explode and explore.
You open your lips, just slightly
And the taste of me captures you,
Like sweet honey, soft, delicate and savoury,
So, sweet and fresh that it won’t crunch your thirst.
As you open your eyes
You look into mine with that intense gaze,
You see my eyes closed and enjoy the scene with great pleasure.
My lips, scarlet red
Softly open up and take you in,
Engulfing you entirely,
Making you shiver all over.
I see your eyes intensely shut
And your lips gripping each one another
Just like we grip one each other
Intensely, rapidly, turning into a wave of motions.
It is not just emotion, but devotion
To explore you inside and out
And turn you wild with hunger
While I learn to touch here and there,
Perhaps doing this and that
Or maybe just let the fire grow
Till, we see a wonderful glow
In your face, reaching that intense moment
Which last only so long, but that will leave you wanting more.

Nov. 20, 2003

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