Friday, September 12, 2008

Afternoon Delights

Once in a while I tend to think with a free mind,
and think and imagine you and me, so sweet, so
tender, so infinite.
Two minds, two bodies, and nothing in between; but
silence and our energy driving us wild.
I think of your tender hands over my soft and
delicate skin, touching, caressing, rubbing. Your hands walking
through my body, reading, tasting, feeling me complete.
And then it is nice to think of us together
pleasuring our souls, our minds, our bodies, with
mouths, hands, fingers and what not, but our senses,
from beginning to end and back.
Just like jumping thru and into a black hole
without end. Letting our minds flow and linger
thru the night, lingering that taste, that touch,
that infinite kiss. That kiss of passion that will
takes us to wonderful sensations of passion. It is
nice to imagine and wondering if things would be
just like a kiss, simple with so much passion. Can
you imagine?

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