Friday, September 12, 2008

To Think

I love to think that once in a while you think of me,and wonder what could have been....
but we know all too well what could have, but there's always the possibilities of that..
no matter how slim they seem, they still there. I think of the many things that can happen and how much one could enjoy the pleasure of one's mind and of course of one's body, but what's a body without a mind, a pleasurable mind that can linger and linger thru the night, wishing and hoping for that touch, the incredible touch of soft hands, of hot and wet lips.... soothing soft skin embodying another's body, making it shiver thru the night, and some thru the day.... under the sun, thru the wind, and who knows what else. The soft touch of gently hands and the wonderful caress of breasts on a manly chest....that touch, the one you will always wonder about, and that one, that I would love to think that once in a while you think of me and wonder what could have been.

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