Friday, September 12, 2008

If Love Was Blind

If love was blind
The world would be different
There wouldn’t be hatred or hunger,
Only peace and love to abide.
If love was blind
The features of your face wouldn’t matter,
Your short temper wouldn’t be a problem,
Unfortunately that’s just not fine
If love was blind
You and I would be forever, together,
And there wouldn’t be any degrees of separation
Between you, me and the rest of the world.
If love was blind
We would see each other all the time
There wouldn’t be masks to put on
And smiles to hide or fake,
We would see each other as we really are
And we wouldn’t have to pretend for the world.
If love was blind
No one would be alone, or perhaps not
We wouldn’t have just to settle,
But we would be happy together.
If love was blind
I would see forever
And I would see your heart
I would feel your touch every night
I would caress your face, and kiss your lips.
We would make love within the darkness of our love,
Under the brightness of the full moon
When the sky is clear and the stars are shining bright,
If only love was blind.

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