Monday, December 25, 2017

Where are you brother?

Where are you brother?
Where is that man that I used to know
but that now it seems I don't know
where is that man, so gently and courteous
that could do anything for anyone but himself?

Where have you gone?
it seems i cannot find you anymore
I look deep inside the recess of my mind
to find little answers but none concrete
where have you gone?

I remember a childhood boy that I grew up with
so loving, caring and always on the go
that boy that protected me when I was scare
and calmed me down when I was crying
because a drunk man was banging down the door
Where are you brother?

You grew up and became a man way too fast
with the responsibilities that a child
should never have nor the loneliness that
this brought to your heart.

I looked into your heart and you still there
deep into the veins and running wild
still you but not you anymore
something's change and you are no more
Where are you brother?

Where are you brother?
I don't recognize you anymore
even with a child of your own
you are not the person I once knew
where have you gone?

Where are you brother?
please come back to us
bring the spirit of that boy closer
to your heart
be the man that you used to be
because, I recognized you no more

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