Saturday, March 13, 2010

a NEW life

I heard today
for the first time
the heart beat of a NEW life
a thousand millions beats
per second, I think
it is so fast
thump, thump, thump
the little heart beats
a NEW life has began
thirteen, fourteen, fifteen
sixteen weeks
who knows, who cares
all I know is
A NEW life has began
deep within me
I can feel it
it makes me sick
it makes me tired
it makes me whole
it makes me sleepy
and it makes me happy
a NEW life has began
surrounded this NEW life will be
of love, gifts, hugs and kisses
all encompass in a life
so new so strange so innocent
yet still incomplete, but alive
a million infinitesimal cells
are running wild
wild running
up and down
I cry without reason
I laugh of joy
I live fully
for this

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