Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Every moment
spreads like honey
slowly covering
the surface of my being
dripping ever so smoothly
over my body
Every moment
is ever so sweet
so delicate, so pure
it's organic honey
imported at that
and extremely flavourful too
Every moment
a drop falls
it becomes an eternal
fall from head to toe
it is infinite
Every moment
is so tender, so unique
eternal honey falls on me
it covers my brain
with its sweetness
and touches all my
Every moment
is sweet with my honey
it has an accent
so luring to the senses
so enticing to the tastes
and I want more
every single day
Every moment
I can,
I grab it, take it
with furious desire
spreading it all over me
smoothly sweetening
my mind, my soul,
my heart,
my body
Oh honey,
I want you
every moment
of the day
please do not make me

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