Sunday, May 16, 2010


In the elevator
there is a man
whom I've known for long
six years I think
we make small talk
here and there either
up or down
he proposes that I should
go out with him ... I say no
In the elevator
there is a young man
maybe 30 or so, he speaks
he is from the 12th floor
we have talked since he moved
in, nice guy and all
he proposes that I should go out
with him
but I have been saying no for
six years, but he persists
got to give him credit, but it's
a no
On the street I walk
to meet a handsome French guy
as I walk a guy yells at me
"you are just the girl that I've been
looking for"
I turned not sure if he was talking
to me but he is
and in a crumpled piece of paper
gives me his number, please call
but I tossed the paper in the recycling
bin to not be use ever again
Another day in a
the corner I wait for the light
to turn green so I can cross
a man stands besides me
"you are the most beautiful woman
I have ever seen" out of the blue
he says
he proposes that I should also
take his number and call but I don't
Then an E-mail from a friend
"I've been in love with you
for six year maybe more"
How do you respond or not?
I choose not to because as of today
all proposal(s) have change

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