Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We laid under the sun
for God knows how long
the wind blew our hair
touched our faces
and caressed our bodies
with the warmth of the
The sand under our feet
felt good
as usual there was no
care in the world
just you, the ocean and I
We were drenched by the
The clouds suddenly
came in from nowhere
to be seen
they came storming
with the wind and
darkness covered the blue
sunny sky
We packed up and left
silly me wearing only
my sandals and shorts
and we started to walk
when we turned the corner
we saw
the sky had started to
fall down on us
drip by drip
tear by tear
drop by drop
tick, tick, tick
on the pavement, on the tree
branches above
it came with fury
then it just dropped
like buckets of water
raining from the sky
we kept on walking
as if nothing
while everyone else
had disappear and taken covered
under the trees or a roof's eave
we kept on walking
our teeth chattered
and our bodies trembled
We were drenched
from head to toe
it was so much fun
and we still
laughed and walked
just as casually
as if were not
by the falling

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