Monday, June 7, 2010

My Touch

You have the touch
to my heart
to my soul
to all my being
from head to toe
That touch
that speaks millions
that say infinitesimal words
without ever speaking
a single word
It is so delicate and soft
so human, so warmth to the skin
loving full of life
never dull but always full
it is not just a touch
You touch my heart
with your words
your small caresses
your kisses fill me
to the core
they touch me so deeply
I can hardly breath
but that keep me alive
You are a sun ray
that penetrates all barriers
of my mind, my soul,
my body, my heart
it is soothing to the skin
and refreshing to the soul
you are my touch
Every ounce of your touch
fills me complete
and it makes me soar
high above the clouds
and beyond the universe
and further still
Your touch is all I need
to know that I am safe
care for, loved and so much
And I appreciate every single
one of them
mon coeur
You are my touch!

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