Wednesday, April 1, 2009

things I never say

There are things I think about but never say
when I see you a millions thoughts come to mind
but I cannot say to you what they are
for I do not know you well to tell them
I look into your eyes and I see mystery
then I look to your lips and I see your smile
it makes me smile but I feel desire too
a desire to kiss your soft and delicate lips
I like your hair too, it is nice and soft
it seems to be at least from where I can see
I wish to run my fingers through it
while you close your eyes enjoying with pleasure
you are witty too and I like that
because I am witty and can relate
it is fun to think about joking together
laughing about each other and the rest of our friends
making them laugh and waiting for a good come-back
you voice is so soft but manly at the same time
it gives me goosebumps even when I only hear it for a second
and I wish I could hear more and closer to my ear
ah, I don't see that happening any time soon but who knows
there are the things that I think but never say
the things I think about you even in my dreams
I wish you were with me but alas you are not
but in my dreams you are
one day perhaps, I will say the things I never say

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