Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is TIME

It is time to let go and leave the past behind
it is time to move forward
it is time to look ahead to the future not too far away
tomorrow will be another day
today is the time to release
to release the sadness, the hurt, clear the tears away, mend the heart
it is time of release
as if nothing ever happened...perhaps not so
it is time
to begin to heal and take all of it in and learn
all the sadness has been cried
all of the self anger has been let go
it is time to move on
it was a wonderful time in life
the time has arrived and acceptance has set in
it is time
in life some things do not mean to be
some people do not mean to be in our lives
for we deserve so much more
this is only a path being carved
in the trail of life
it is time to take life by the heart as always
and make our own way
the way that will lead us to places never gone before
where surprises awaits us and life lives
it is time for happiness to return
to a heart broken into pieces by our own doing
it is time
to get back into the game of life


  1. I like this poem very much. Even if you read
    the sentences
    separately, or jumping lines, they
    all have a strong meaning
    that resonates with the reader.
    Yes, I like of very much.

  2. I like this poem very much.
    All the lines have a strong meaning
    and can even be read every other or three
    or more lines without loosing their purpose.
    Yes, I like this poem very much!