Friday, April 17, 2009

It hurts

It hurts
deep inside in my head
I cannot sleep thinking about the hurt
the tears that roll down my cheeks
the serenity of another night
It hurts
so much I can't even think
I feel nothing for there is nothing to feel
but so much to experience
in life
It hurts
like nothing else, the pain is so deep
that I sometimes feel almost incomplete
like a hurricane that takes everything in its path
leaving only sorrow but mostly pain
It hurts
far or near by it is not good enough
I cry in the middle of the street
wondering how I got here
when did I get here or how and why?
It hurts
just thinking about it
I wanted it to be truth
but alas it isn't what I thought it would be
and now all I do is cry
I cry in my heart and soul
my head pounds with pain
and my heart slowly melts away
it hurts
but I most go on
there is