Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Recycling Bin

It was in life, now it is in the recycling bin
waiting to be taken to some final destination
God knows where it will end up, the landfill perhaps
who knows if anyone will pick it up
it is only known that it has been beaten pretty bad
it was rinse prior to use, it was used again, now time to be discarded
the memories will remain and the good times the same
but for now it will remain in the recycling bin till someone picks it up.
someone said 'hurt is just part of life' some will disagree whole heartedly
in life one person hurts another, physically, emotionally, verbally
who decided that hurt was part of life?
is this a standard practice now? if so, why?
so to avoid more hurt, it has been toss in the recycling bin
there it will remain, it will gather dust, and maybe love too
who knows where it will end up, perhaps in your kitchen counter again
or in your bedroom as a lamp shade or a silky linen for warm on your bed
you might drink from it again or just simply forget it existed
who know, it is now in the recycling bin.
The sun will shine as always in our minds, if not physically
the Moon will shine at night after we say good night
the flowers will bloom regardless of the weather
it will rain after summer's passed, but love will remain
for now it will remain in the recycling bin for anyone's use
it might become a tissue to clear the tears away
it could turn into a quilt to remind us of all the good times, and bad ones too
it is for now in the recycling bin
Tomorrow might be another day, who knows what will happen then
but for now all i think about is today and all the hurt inside
'hurt is just part of life', someone said but I digress
for no one should hurt another being even if for love
such is life that now is all in the recycling bin for anyone's reuse
we have come full circle, we have become recyclers of love
i guess better in the bin than in the landfill

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