Thursday, April 9, 2009


Hey there grandpa
how are you? I have not seen you in a long time
Oh! I remember now, you are gone
but I still see you in my dreams
you make me smile and you make me cry
I miss you, you know
sleeping in your arms in mid-afternoon
I miss the smell of your clothes
your hugs, your kisses, your love
mostly, I miss you.
You left me so young, yet,
I love you still with the same intensity of yesterday
with the same strength of all those times ago
the times we spend together playing games
laughing, sleeping, eating, watching TV
I miss you so much
I know you have been gone for a very long time
just wanted to tell you, I love you still
and miss you even more


  1. I know...grandparents are so unappreciated, it seems, in life. I miss mine SO much

  2. This is a great one....I love how all of your poems when read, give you the sense you've been there. That's what I call talent!! Proud of you sis!