Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I know the possibilities are endless
it is an unknown and infinite number
there are millions of words I could say
but somehow I am scared to say them all
I would like to open my heart and let it fly
let it really take off and soar around the world
I want to let it get out of this cage that has remained
but the key has been put in a dark place
it is easy to find but hard to reach
it has been lock within another key
that only freedom will be able to release
Are you scared?
I am too of the millions of thoughts that go through my head,
the million of feelings and butterflies that fly within me
I am so scared, I want this to be a dream, a nightmare even
nothing could be worse
but to awaken and see the reality of this beast?
it could be the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end
The more time I spend with you, it scares me
because my feelings change every time I see you
it is so much fun to spend time with you
listening to your stories, seeing you smile and laugh
I am scared of all these feelings inside
I want to be free with you
but I am scared and perhaps you are too
There are some words I would like to say
but not just yet till I am sure
words that you might like to hear or not
I am totally scared just thinking about these words
and even more scared to know what you think

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