Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A New Beginning

A new beginning, of sorts
we have been given
a brand new year to start new projects,
new dreams, more shopping
more gossiping, more of everything
or double of everything
A new beginning to make amends
some will make promises,
to never keep,
others make resolutions that brake too soon
and to never return
A new beginning with different ends
our lives will change or not,
but one thing remains the same
another 365 days have began
Let us begin
with no resolutions or promises
that we know will never keep
or resolved, for that matter
Let us be free for once
of self deprecation and constraints
of looking ourselves in the mirror
and not recognize who we see
or what we see
Let us begin with happy thoughts
of moments passed, good times
with friends and loves ones, and
to always recognized that nobody is perfect
Let us begin
a new adventure of work or fun
it doesn't matter
what matters this time
is that a new beginning
we have been given
without forgetting the things and people
we most value and treasure every day
and not ONLY when tragedy happens
A new beginning has began
Let us all do our best to love ourselves
a little more

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