Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Bully Won

I hated every day,
I get reminded of him
There are days that his presence in my head,
consumes me
But why?
Because I let it (him) consume me
I am outrage, irate even
He still there in his office
Living the life
He does not deserve, to be there
He was told a lie, probably of why I left
Honesty is never a priority, for many
People ask for honesty
But do not really want to hear it,
so I always say: "if you don't want honesty, don't ask"
I am honest to the core, too honest perhaps
I can't help it
Always been, since I was little
I got smack on the head for saying things like
"That dress is ugly, it doesn't suit you"
Or for my birthday once I got underwear
and I said: "Thanks just what I really needed"
I was given the look, that look that you are not
suppose to say things like that
But it was true, mine were falling apart
Mom had no money to buy us new
My boss once asked me to be honest,
But what really meant was, just tell me what I want to hear
But I didn't tell him what he wanted to hear
- I later found out -
And the snowball started coming down the hill
Then it got bigger and it continue rolling
slowly but surely it GREW
"No need to come to this meeting", at first
Then, "I don't think you need to be here today"
Later, "you behaved childishly"
On it went: "I don't like you"
It kept going: "You're making our department look bad
for saying good morning to everyone every day"
The last straw: "I'm an asshole and I will treat you like one"
That did it, so I complained to our boss,
he didn't do anything only pat him on the back for a job well done
I complaint some more to HR
"Really, he said that, Oh I don't think he meant that"
Talk to the boss again
I was ignored nothing was being done
so I QUIT and gave my two weeks notice
Then, the stunner came on Monday afternoon
The big boss called to tell me,
"Sorry we're letting you go, you're not the right person for the job"
I was escorted to the lobby
and left for dead
I cried, a lot
It left me scatter in a million pieces
scarred to the core

The BULLY won

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