Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of the Affair

We first met long ago in April or was it March?
when the snow slowly melted on the streets
the sun snobbishly showed its glow
we basked in its candor
we thought it would be the end of the affair
until Summer showed
Summer stealthy came
with mini-skirts showing its legs
with bosoms blossoming grand
protruding from every branch
growing stronger, longer, bloating
weeds being nipped and tucked at the buds
trying to end, this deadly affair
but there was no change
the affair just kept blooming,
day after day, we tried to never ended
but we realized, it was way too late
it was not the end of the affair
Then Fall swiftly arrived
with the winds at its back
cloudy days, stunning sunsets
some drizzle in its wings
and thunderstorms on its feet
And, the affair continued
We tried to ended again,
to no avail.
Please! Let me go but stay awhile
wrap me in your arms, we said to each other
let me see the colours of your skin
changing with the sun and flying away
in the wind
With arms wrapped around each other
we walked with high collars
hands tucked-in in our pockets
the wind blowing our hair with its breeze
Lets end it now
Let it be the end of the affair
but no you said, and we continue
When Winter came, it was really time
we met strangely in dark places
just far away from everyone else
but no end in sight
it is just the beginning of this never ending, affair
The cool windy days of Fall are gone
the trees bared at their wits ends
dried, emancipated from the burden of Summer
and blooming of Spring
Winter has come with force, threatening
with strong winds, even blowing snow
rain came, then the darkness surrounded us
And the affair continues
We said it will end soon, or so we hoped
The days are shorter, the nights seem even shorter
daybreak's early with sunny pink-reddish skies
gloomy dark clouds in the East at the horizon
and we are in awe of each other
And, we all know it will never
let us ended right now, but we all know too well
that this affair will continue
And, we with no choice accept it
when we wake up another day,
we bundle up and go to work with dark skies upon us
the wind blowing in our faces,
whistling in our ears, chilling us at the core 
rain boots, umbrellas, mitts, scarfs, and more
Let it this be the end of the affair
at least for this year 


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