Sunday, November 29, 2009

just a game

It is just a game
dice are played
tokens moved from left to right
or right to left
decisions need to be made
and unclear at times,
clarifications are made by others,
in the game,
they are not trying to influenced anyone's
but trying to be helpful
in any case there are unhappy parties
it is all the same
it is just a game
where we throw dice, lucky or unlucky
we draw a number,
of course the the goal is to win
but for me mainly to have fun,
I don't care much on winning
but if I do, well, that is always great
I try to avoid conflict
whenever I can, I am a peace maker
the middle man
but others just want to win
and when they do not
moods change and the whining begins
We all play different, no question about
it is just as game and that is all it should
no hard feelings if you win, nor if I
even if a third person wins
In the end, it is all about strategy
and not about luck
every move has been thought out
through, except
the dice throw
it does not matter how you throw it,
no one can predict the number that
will come up
it is just what it is
the throw of the dice
is your only chance,
but in the end
it is just another game
No need to take it personally
or against anyone
but when it comes to financial
games do not include me,
that is why I have a financial adviser
who takes care of my money
put is where it best for me
that is also just a game
but the stakes are higher
in the end
of any

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  1. Thanks Ana! Your poetry is incredible, keep up the great work!

    Devan Plowright