Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Choose

I could ended all here
and now
but I don't
because I choose to
The pain is deep and intense
yet, silent in my despair
There is a sadness in me
as if I no longer, belong
I walked through the streets
everything feels different
although it seems the same
My eyes feel sad
I feel no life in them
I feel cold in the depths of
my soul
I could ended all right here
and now
but I choose not to
because there is an universe plus one
reasons to
because you are here
I am here, we are all here
Life is so fragile
and why ended before it begins
unless that is our destiny
We have work to do
so lets get to it
because life awaits us
I choose to live everyday
that I might be given
because in the end, I have
one or a million options
from where
I Choose

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